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Aamir Khan’s daughter is suffering from depression

Aamir Khan's Daughter, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Mental health is one of the concerning issues which is coming to light with time. In this fast-paced world, people are busy working towards their goals and the fierce competition is bringing more stress with itself. Moreover, people don’t take mental illness as a serious form of illness and as a result a lot of times these issues are ignored at the inception of the disease. In recent times there has been a stark increase in the cases of mental illness as a result of changing cultural trends. Also, several surveys have revealed that cases of mental illness have been increased in the age group of 18-25.  As a result of an increase in mental illness, incidents of suicide and self-harm are also increasing. Also, this year due to coronavirus lockdown, mental health-related issues were at a record high. Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan took to Instagram and shared a video sharing her battle with depression.

After the death of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of mental health received a lot of attention. Many celebrities and famous personalities came forward speaking about their experience regarding mental issues. Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has revealed that she is suffering from depression.

Aamir Khan's Daughter, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Ira Khan Is Suffering From Depression

Aamir Khan’s daughter has been battling depression

Ira Khan in her latest Instagram post has revealed that she has been clinically depressed for over four years. Ira who made her directorial debut last year is Aamir’s daughter from his former wife Reena Dutta. She shared a video on World Mental Health Day (October 10). In the video she opened up about her mental health condition.

Mental health and mental ill-health

The caption on the shared clip has a lot of things written down about mental health and depression. Ira wrote, “There are lots of things going on and moreover, a lot of people have also got more things to say on this topic. Also, things are really confusing, stressful, simple and okay but not okay and life altogether. Moreover, there is no way to express it all in one go.”

Further, she wrote that she would like to figure some things out. Adding to that, she has written that she figured out how to make it slightly more understandable. She spoke about mental health and mental ill-health. “So come with me on this journey. Let’s start a conversation. Happy World Mental Health Day.” she added.

Let’s start from where I started: Ira

“I have been depressed for over four years and also been to a doctor. I am clinically depressed but I am doing much better now. For over one year, I have wanted to do something for mental health but I was not sure about it and what to do. I want to take you on a journey to understand mental illness slightly better.” Ira said in a video post on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. She concluded by asking everyone to start from where she started. Furthermore, she added, “What have I got to be depressed about? Who am I to be depressed? I have everything right ?”

Ira is the younger among Aamir khan’s two children from her ex-wife. She has studied music. Her post calls for starting a conversation about mental health.

Deepika Padukone spoke about depression

Previously Deepika Padukone had spoken about depression. Recently, the topic of depression was once again discussed when the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s purported death by suicide came. But health experts have always maintained by saying that depression is just another ailment. It affects the mind. But it is a person’s social standing and financial privilege. Depression should be given importance. And it should be treated on time.

Ira is not the only star kid who has spoken about depression. A few days ago, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan had written about colourism and on how she has bullied for her complexion.


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