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About the Company



Global Youth Voice is a News and Media service dedicated to the youth, particularly those perusing their studies in their respective campuses across the globe. The students are the real change makers. They can think differently, plan differently and bring new insight to old issues but most of the time they fail to execute because of career concerns and lack of support. GYV is making an effort to provide them with a ecosystem where students think alike. No one is alone in this world and every new idea can have a follower or supporter in some corner of the world.

We as News makers would highlight the activities of the youth in the campuses and allow them to mingle with the like minded people so that they can come up with their brilliant ideas after finding support from some remote corner. Sometimes the slight push of support can give the necessary throttle.

Global Youth Voice is a team of media experts patronised and supported by people from all walks of life. Though the central theme revolves around youngsters, teenagers, school goers, budding technocrats, budding fashionistas and managers in making our team has patrons and members in the age group of 8 years to 72 years. Essential qualification to be a member of the team GYV is to think laterally and remain young at heart and mind, believe in the concept that nothing is impossible and values can make the world a better place to live. We are not shy of learning and we expect our team members to be so. We can learn commitment from the pirates and we can learn precision from the Seals. We can learn etiquette from Japan and Courtesy from Afghan, we can learn to rule from the British and unity in diversity from India.

GYV is not a closed group. Those who join our team as mere students can become influencer tomorrow and be calling shots day after.

As of now we are going to introduce our Patrons, the Core members, the Executors and the Campus Ambassadors.


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