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Meet Akanksha, the perfect scorer of NEET 2020

Akanksha NEET 2020 topper, Global Youth Voice, gyv

To acknowledge the achievement of the topper of NEET 2020, Anurag Tiwary, National Academic Director and Chemistry faculty at Aakash Institute hosted the live webinar, “Interact and learn with NEET 2020 topper, Akanksha”.

Akanksha Singh from Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar has bagged the second rank in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) nationally.

Akanksha wants to pursue MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. Her father Rajendra Kumar Rao is a retired Air Force Sergeant. Describing her mantra behind her success, she said hard work along with smart work is necessary to achieve victory. “Students should always keep their dreams big. Take the struggles in your life as opportunities and move forward. Along with smart work do hard work for achieving success. Also, stick to your strategies and move forward,” Akanksha added.

NEET 2020 topper Akansha, Global Youth Voice, gyv
NEET 2020 Topper Akanksha Singh

Here are some of the questions to help the students understand the strategies to crack NEET examination –

1.What was your initial feeling when you heard you have scored a perfect score of 720 out of 720.

Akanksha – That moment when I saw my result on the screen AIR – 2, it was like history being made. I had never expected it. Though I had expected that I’d score more than 700 but I had never expected that I would score full marks. That moment was very special.


2.How did you get full marks?

Akanksha – I followed the quote that says, “Learn from all but follow no one.” Moreover, I made a detailed strategy for preparation and sincerely followed it. Also, parents’ extraordinary support and teachers’ support helped me score high. I have never studied just to crack the examination. I used to study for fun.


3.How to read NCERT and how to make notes to crack NEET?

Akanksha – I started with biology. I used to make short notes of all the chapters either in the form of bullets or question and answer. Rather than revising from NCERT, you may revise from the notes you have prepared that may be very helpful. After completing chapters I used to asked questions to my friend and she used to answer and we made it in a fun way. These helped us discuss all the important points. In chemistry, I also used to make short notes and I used to reduce the font size but have never left any point. So never leave any point and revise it.


4.How did you manage studies in lockdown? What was your study pattern?

Akanksha – Lockdown was a good thing for me. I used to study the entire night and used to sleep at 8 in the morning. Once you start with a topic then complete it. Start with the easy part and then the hard one. You have to decide from where you have to start your study. Don’t leave any doubt get it cleared. I became a solution-centric and started revising many times. Discussing with friends and finding out the ways of the solution is a very interesting way to practice.


5.What has motivated you to choose medicine as a career?

Akanksha – Till class 8, I wanted to become an IAS officer. But I came to read about AIIMS Delhi in an article. After that incident, it has been my dream college. And another thing that inspired me is to help people. You can directly solve the problem of people. It is a noble job.


6.What did you cope up with stress and study?

Akanksha – I thing what always motivated me is the goal and the desire to achieve it. There is a quote, “It is the courage to continue that matters, not the success or failure.” Also, in the long term hard work and dedication matter. I used to find out the reason for scoring less. I did multiple revision rather than being motivated to find out the solution. Sort it out to keep yourself motivated.


7.How did you manage school and coaching together?

Akanksha – Use school time to read NCERT. And in free classes use that time in study. If you are focusing for NEET, boards will help you as you have already read NCERT. You can also use the travelling time to revise the things you have studied.


8.Were you connected with social media when you were preparing for NEET?

Akanksha – I don’t have any smartphone till now. And I don’t have an account on social media. It might distract you. If you can avoid it then it’s great. You can also use it in a limited way. I was not connected to social media just to make sure that I won’t be distracted for my entire preparation for NEET examination.


9.Are NCERT and Aakash modules sufficient to crack NEET?

Akanksha – Yes, I believe it is much more than enough to crack NEET. Go for the modules and thoroughly read it to understand the concept.


10.How do you use to tackle with the MCQ when almost all the option seems similar?

Akanksha – I used to think what the examiner have thought while making questions. When all the options seem correct, think from the point of your teachers and examiners. Also, you have to think about it from the point of NCERT.


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