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Angelina Joyce Kujur : An Accidental Author

An Accidental Author, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Age is no barrier if your conviction and avidity to strive hard takes you towards a better future every day. Angelina Joyce Kujur is one such girl who is defying all odds and setting an example in the society. At just 14 years of age, she has authored a book “Expressions- Tales of a Teenager.”  Being born to a Physician father and an Assistant Professor mother, Angelina was always a very shy girl. She has been ever conscious about what people would say and whether they would accept her passion or not. So, after attempting this book, she is no more an under-confident girl who cares about societal diplomacy. She believes in living life on her own terms.

An Accidental Author, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Expressions-Tales of Teenager book by Angelina Joyce Kujur

The Accidental Author

The 9th grader girl has always been passionate about writing but she never pondered on making a career out of it. However, during lockdown she started writing a story just in curiosity and the time it completed, she came to realize what potential she carries. Afterwards, her parents encouraged her to write more stories and that’s how she finished her book. The Ranchi girl says, “During lockdown, this fact ignited into my mind that if I’ll be able to be progressive in my work and be constant with it. I can even choose writing as a career.” Angelina follows some great authors like Chetan Bhagat, J.K.Rowling and she specifically mentioned Ishita Katyal, a child author and youngest TEDX event organizer. All of them inspire her in her journey of writing.

The Story

Angelina’s book is a cluster of triad stories that endeavor to seize the curiosity of the individuals. The first story is an imaginative fiction where an Indian girl visits Canada. There she gets involved in certain things which she never expected. This is a kind of a mystery story with some spicy drama. Then the next story is an experiential account with teenage. Angelina has tried to depict her own experience as a young teenager. What all struggles youths face at this age has been defined through her eyes. Her encounter with the world and society or how society perceives her, she has poured out everything. Lastly, the third story is about a girl who gets trapped in a deadly event, the Holocaust and how she struggles to survive and come out of it.

Her book got published on October 23,2020. It is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press. Till now more than 50 copies have been sold and gradually she is getting the acknowledgement she has toiled for.

An Accidental Author, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Angelina Joyce Kujur: An Accidental Author

“Age should never be a barrier”

Angelina’s accomplishments have made her parents prouder than ever. But society gave her mixed reactions. Some appreciated, some pointed out her flaws and mistakes and criticized too whereas some even schooled her to focus on her studies more. Meanwhile Angelina took it all in a positive way. She confidently says, “If you are dreaming something, age should never be a barrier. You only need to believe in yourself then only you can achieve your goals.”

Warm reception

Angelina is a student of Bishop Westcott Girl’s School. Her father’s name is Dr.Rash Kujur and mother’s name is Mrs.Alphons Thomas Kujur. On her achievement her parents said, “Our hearts swelled with pride when Angelina’s book got published. Her transformation from a shy girl to a bold and confident girl is making us more happy.”

Since schools are closed due to pandemic, Angelina’s friends cannot meet her. But they have sent their warm regards and love for her. Pranjali, Angelina’s friend said, “I know Angelina from a long time but never knew about this talent of hers. It came as a surprise for me and other friends as well.”

On asking about her future prospects, she candidly termed herself a whimsical person who doesn’t want to stay at the same place and wants to try out different things in life.


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