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Do You Really ‘Love’ Chicken and Fish?

Vegetarian Diet, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Caring for environment also includes caring for animals as they are also one of the integral parts of our mother Earth. The contradiction arises that on one hand people talk about saving the environment and at the same time people do not avoid eating innocent animals to fulfill their daily protein needs. Some may say they are helping businessmen and economy to boom but it will be a similar excuse to what Alcoholics used to say a couple of weeks ago that they are saving economy and hence buying Alcohol. Whatever the excuses one can give but they cannot deny the fact that innocent animals are being killed just for our hunger. And yes! it is not the stone age still. 

Vegetarian Diet, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Fish Head

Vegetarian people are those who don’t consume the meat of any kind of animal whether it fish, beef, meat, pork, or egg. However, some vegetarian might consume products which are produced by animals like honey and egg. The reason for being vegetarian varies depending on religion, morals, and traditions.

There are numerous studies which found that vegetarians are doing better than non-vegetarian.
According to Adventist Health Studies, “Vegetarians have a lower risk of chronic diseases, heart attacks, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc as compared to non-Vegetarians.” Researches’ have discovered that 22% of people who consume meat are likely to develop colo-rectal cancer. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, meat does cause cancer. While the National Health Service (NHS) report says red meat increases the risk of blood cancer.

T Colin Campbell, an American Biochemist in his famous China study book published in 2001 concluded that plant-based diets are the best.
Benefits of a vegetarian diet-

Vegetarian Diet, Global Youth Voice, gyv

1. Contain fewer chemicals -Vegetarian diet contains fewer chemicals because it is less processed. Maintaining a veggies diet will give your whole-body system with rich vitamins and minerals. Only You need to be aware of what is good for you and which cuisine provides you with rich vitamins, iron and Protein avocados, nuts and olive oil are highly rich vitamins.

2. Lowers cholesterol – Cholesterol comes from consuming animal products including dairy. Avoiding meat or any fat dairy products will help in cutting out cholesterol. Harvard Medical school says, having lower cholesterol helps you to have a longer life. It also reduces the risk of many chronic diseases.

3. Lowers blood sugar – Consuming things that are natural and less processed reduces risks of diabetes and lowers blood sugar. The natural or veg contains fewer chemicals as compare to non-veg.

4. Glowing skin and Mental health – Vegetarian diet is water-based and they contain antioxidants that help fight off diseases and keeps one healthy. If you are healthier inside, it will be reflected on your face. Vegetarian diets also improve Mental health. People consuming veggie have a better chance of being happier in comparison to those who consume meat because fresh organic food is great for the body as well as it cleans the mind and gives positive vibes.

Vegetarian Diet, Global Youth Voice, gyv

5. Good for Gut – Veggies diet contains fiber which is necessary for proper digestive health guts. According to Health line, seeds are one of the best sources of fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. Besides this, pulses are also rich in fiber and minerals. However, eating a lot of vegetables will keep you healthy. so whatever diet you choose, it should be the one which provides you with all the nutrients.

An evidence-based review as per the Academic of Nutrition and Dietetics showed people that a Vegetarians diet is associated with a lower risk of death from heart diseases and also tends to lower the mass index and lowers cancer rates. 


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