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Being an LGBTQ+ Ally


Coming out of the closet can be a difficult job. A person of the LGBTQ+ community faces a lot of struggles. They have to deal with ages of stereotypical hatred. They experience a lot of trauma based on the harsh treatment meted out to them. The world is yet to come to terms with the psychological and social crises for a queer person. But it’s never too late. People are now acknowledging the community and are celebrating them. Here’s how you can lend your support and be a good ally.

Research about the range of sexualities on the LGBTQ+ spectrum

Sexual identity in 2020 can be complicated and fluid. New terms are entering the vocabulary. It is normal to be confused. People have varied sexualities and are registering them. You can talk to people in the community and know about their experiences. You can also watch documentaries and videos where they share their experiences.

Show your support to the LGBTQ+ Community, Be an Ally

To a person of the community, support is of the utmost importance. You can accompany someone to their first pride parade. You can hang a pride flag on your lawn or your shop. These little things give them the confidence. These gestures can help them out of their shell. They can also provide them with security and the best of all love.

Know the appropriate pronouns

Coming out is a very difficult journey. For many, it takes a strong moment of courage to come out. They have also led a life full of traumatic experiences and fear. Many have been bullied because of who they are. Ask them how they want to be addressed. Know their appropriate pronouns and encourage others to do the same.

If someone comes out to you, it’s not your place to share their story

Those on the LGBT spectrum may well have been persecuted by strangers, governments and even loved ones. It took courage for them to come out. Don’t assume because they confided in you that they want you to share it with other people. It’s their story to tell.

Rainbow ally
queer ally

Show empathy

Try to listen to their experiences and their traumas. Sometimes you might not be able to relate to their stories. That’s okay. You just need to lend an ear. Members of the LGBTQ+ community face struggles that straight people may not have experienced. Show some empathy.

Break the chain of prejudice

If you hear someone make an anti-gay joke or a vulgar comment, let them know you don’t like it. Don’t support businesses with discriminatory policies or politicians who voice intolerance and hatred. Openly criticise such prejudices. Voice your support. Be a good ally.


Learn more about the LGBTQ+ community here


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