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Best Recipe Websites for recipes that will blow your mind

Best Recipe Websites for recipes that will blow your mind Global Youth Voice gyv

Fed up of pausing YouTube videos and jotting down the correct amount of ingredients.? Then your wait is over. As I am here is a list of some of the best websites that offer recipes that will blow your mind. These websites will not only make home cooks happy but also give upcoming chefs an opportunity to explore more cuisines. They are not only easy but also easily accessible and has with great provides the information in written and some in with video too formats. So, without wasting time jump on visit these websites to dig out the recipe you want.

1. is one of those websites that can blow your mind. It has a surprising whopping 25 million visitors each month and also stands among in the top 100 websites visited on the internet. Website literally contains a huge variety of any recipes, videos, as well as all food related stuff information. It even also allows everyone to create profiles and share recipes.

Best Recipe Websites for recipes that will blow your mind Global Youth Voice gyv
Food Network: one of the websites for recipes

2. The Food Network 

This website network has draws an impressive a high reach to the amount number of people visitors daily as is astonishing. They have many ways to lure people as they have it has a lot to offer – magazine, website, radio as well as television networks. They network have whooping gets 23 million visitors every month. This website is more than just recipes and videos. Video clips of popular shows Even past shows clips are also available on the website. This is one of the trusted sources off or quality information on gastronomic delights.


This website is popularly known as genius  kitchen with owing to the great recipes that it has to offeravailable. It has Around 500,000 recipes, making it hard and difficult for users to find recipes to choose. On the website one can browse and later view search history. It also gives options like saving videos to be watched laterfor the future.


You might have seen videos of this This one of those websites whose attractive videos generally come up while browsing social media platforms. The website haves a unique collection of videos and . Their replica of pattern can be seen in many websites, it has around 2 million recipes. It has many filter options which makes locating the recipe you are looking for, quick and easy choices precise. One can save recipes and even upload videos here. A diet plan can also be made on the basis of allergies as well as other restrictions.

5. Epicurious 

This website offers some of the best food recipes and contents on the internet. was must for the list not just because of the visitors it attracts but also the quality content it provides. It has been around for 20 years but contains only 50,000 recipes in the database. Though the content it contains is very low as if compared to others., But theits recipes are authentic and trusted. They are all tested recipes and here, only special recipes are available.

6. Betty Crocker 

How can someone miss this website while listing. They are global brand has have been creating recipes and cookbooks for over 100 years now. It has have a vibrant networks of like radio, television, books, newspaper, website and, food products. Betty Crocker is amongst one of most the trusted websites on the internet with almost 10 million visitors every month. It has an endless database with originality and frame to cover it. It even also deals with recipe business.

7. Eating well 

The specialty of this website is exemplified in easily understood by it’s name. They create content which is preferable for focused on adhering to a healthy lifestyle. For the health conscious, this website offers They focus on special diets and complete meal plans. They even have plans registered by dieticians that cater to many different diets like keto, paleo, gluten free etc. It contains kitchen hacks and a lot of videos on them. It also has magazines in the past 25 years.

8. Delish 

Delish makes posts useful videos and contents foron its the website. The hallmarks of this site contain are trusted, tested and creative recipes. The website is quite user-friendly as it is very easy to browse and with provides thousands of articles on it make sing cooking easier. It also has an extensive database. It is mesmerizing once someone starts browsing.


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