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Bihar Is A Lot More Than Litti Chokha and Lollipop

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Every individual from Bihar who travels or moves to other states often comes across certain stereotypes. Not that they are not proud of our culture and roots. But there are certain questions and assumptions others annoyingly make that pisses them off. Sometimes these questions are funny but other times, simply ignorant and typecasts. Sometimes we come across people who use the term ‘Bihari’ in a derogatory way. In fact, Biharis are on more than one occasion dealt with discrimination. Bihar might not be the most developed state of the countries, but it is rich for its culture and heritage. From Mithila paintings to giving the world the likes of Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee, Bihar is full of talent and legacy just like other Indian states.

Here are a few things we want to set straight for people who do not still get it. All our Bihari souls are going to relate to this. Share it with people you think still have difficulty understanding that being Bihari is a lot more than speaking Bhojpuri.

  1. Bihar has more than 15 languages, and Bhojpuri isn’t all that we know:
  2. Not every Bihari aspires for UPSC:
  3. No, I am not a Bhojpuri or Bihari song fan: Just because I am from Bihar, or have my family roots in Bihar does not mean that I am a Bhojpuri music lover. My playlist does not begin and end with Bhojpuri songs. And FYI, there are songs in other languages which are beautiful and soothing. You might want to introspect and come out of your bubble to check that out sometime.
  4. As much as my family loves Chhath, you can’t keep putting the state down and ask for Thekua: Biharis are one of the sweetest and most welcoming people you would come across. And their snacks are even more amazing. In fact, most of our non-Bihari friends wait for us to come back with a big Dora bag full of home-made snacks. There is always that one friend who just won’t stop asking for Thekuas after the Chhath holidays. But wait, weren’t you telling me the other day how backward my state is, and you may never want to ever settle there?
  5. Litti Chokha is a wonderful delicacy, but it’s not every Bihari’s favorite food item: First of all, Amir Khan is not the first celebrity to popularise litti chokha. Second of all, I don’t eat litti chokha every day. Sure, litti chokha is delicious and irresistible, but that is not every Bihari’s favorite. Stereotype much?
  6. Biharis can speak English that can put you to shame:
  7. Wasseypur is not in Bihar, and I don’t have a katta: Stop thinking you know Bihar just because you watched Gangs of Wasseypur! Also, dear know it all, Wasseypur isn’t in Bihar but Jharkhand since the state was formed in 2000. And whenever you ask us if we possess a desi ‘katta’ we really regret not having one. Could have really used it if we are asked that question one more time.
  8. Stop being Racist: But you don’t look like a Bihari, or you look like a ‘Bihari’ are some common statements Non-Biharis cannot refrain from using. What do you think a Bihari looks like? And if your ideas come from Bollywood, well we can’t blame you for having a low IQ. It’s 2020, and if we could be any less racist maybe.
  9. Lalu Yadav isn’t the only prominent figure Bihar has produced. Move over, it is 2020:
  10. Biharis have an accent. So do Punjabis, Bengalis, Gujaratis, and others: People from Bihar are chastised, taunted, and made fun of for their accent. But isn’t it that every place has an influence on accent and vernacular. Yet, why is it that we make it a point only with Bihar. Punjabis have an accent, Bengalis have an accent, Gujaratis, Tamils, and even Kashmiris have one.


Sure Bihar comes with its own set of problems ranging from caste, illiteracy, poverty, and crime. But can we not thrive for better rather putting each other down?


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