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Let’s look at the marks-sheet of some celebrities

CBSE, ICSE, and various other state boards declared their results in the last few days. These results carry with it a lot of pressure and anxiety, isn’t it so? Students are told since their childhood that their board scores will decide their future aspects in their careers.  Most of the students, at times, have faced criticism or felt demoralized just because they couldn’t score well in subjects.

Exam Stress

IAS officer Nitin Sangwan on July 14 tweeted, ‘In my 12th exams, I got 24 marks in Chemistry – just 1 mark above passing marks. But that didn’t decide what I wanted from my life’.


Celebrities talk about their board scores

“Let results be an opportunity for introspection and not criticism”.

The tweet received varied comments. Few praised him for his step to discourage judgment based on score-cards, others criticized pointing to the difference that exists between the two eras, 2002 and 2020.

R Madhavan, a film star, on Wednesday, tweeted that the real game of life is yet to start.  In his tweet, to encourage and motivate students for their results, he said, “To all those who got their board results – congratulations to those who exceeded their expectations and aced it… and to the rest I want to say I got 58% on my board exams…the game has not yet started my dear friends”

Similarly, other popular figures also shared their results to prove that marks do not define what they wanted to become. 

RJ Raunac is the man behind “bauaa” and used to host a show on television and a Radio Jockey. Sushant Sinha is an anchor and executive editor at a media house while Awanish Sharan is an IAS officer of 2009 batch from Chhattisgarh cadre.

Students’ view

“For me marks is a way to analyze myself and get to know where I was wrong, that’s it. My 12th score will decide which college I get admitted to, but this won’t be the end of my story”, says Sushvita from Patna. She passed her 12th in 2020.

On the other hand, another student said, “My scores can in no way decide my future. Yes, it enhances my results’ quality. Big-large numbers on my score-card make me feel good, but it can never be a deciding factor of what I’m to do in my life ahead”, said Saloni, a student, from Bangalore. She is currently pursuing BCA.

“Although good scores are important the goals shouldn’t stop if one couldn’t score satisfactorily. Life has to go on; set a new goal and work for it”, says Sushma, a postgraduate student from Ranchi.

Exam Stress

“Thorough knowledge of the subject is important. Any competitive exams require all the previous knowledge, let it be defense or engineering”, says Reshav, from Bhagalpur.

“If not studied property at a higher secondary level will have to do it in the coming years. The point is, hard-work can not be skipped”, he added. Reshav is currently pursuing graduation.

Mihir, a student from Ranchi says, “Good marks can fetch you to a good college, but doesn’t guarantee your future. Yes, the syllabus must be studied honestly”.

He emphasized more on being a “learner”. “The most important thing to learn is “to be a learner”. Extracting knowledge from everything around will never be disappointing”, he added.


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