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AI system to stop cheating in online video games

Cheating in Online Video Games, Global Youth Voice, gyv

A new artificial intelligence (AI) system can detect any massive multiplayer online, or MMO, a game that sends data traffic to a central server. The new system can tell whether a player is cheating in  online video game.

Cheating in Online Video Games, Global Youth Voice, gyv
University of Texas found the New AI System that detects the cheating in online video games

Detecting cheats of computer games

A team of researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas found in a study titled GCL: a GPU based transfer learning approach for detecting cheats of the computer game. To spot patterns of cheating, the system uses Artificial Intelligence. The AI analyses data traffic to and from the players to spot patterns in cheating.

Moreover, gaming is a fast-growing industry with annual revenue of close to $ 1 billion. Also, the team said, “Cheating incidents can have serious consequences in exports.”

Tests on 20 students

The team conducted tests on 20 students. These students who played the game counter strike. The students were asked to use three software including an aimbot, a speed hack and a wallhack. An aimbot automatically targets the opponent. Moreover, a speed hack allows players to move faster. Whereas, a wallhack makes walls in the game transparent so that players can see each other.


Separate server to detect cheating in online video games

A separate server was also set up. This server was set up so that the students’ activities wouldn’t disrupt other online players. Including the sizes of data packets and the time and direction of transmission, the team then analysed the game traffic traveling to and from the server.


Information to train a machine

Based on the patterns and features in the game data, they used this information to train a machine learning model to predict cheating. If the AI detects a pattern, the system can send out warnings to players. The team said the system can also remove players if they continue to cheat after a fixed time interval.

The system could help gaming companies keep a check on players in online multiplayer. Various games such as counter-strike and PUBG require to track hackers and cheaters.


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