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Hi-tech Cheating Methods: Are You Aware?

Cheating methods for exams, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Disclaimer: Take note that the following tips and tricks are meant for educational purposes, so use this information with proper discretion. These in no way promote cheating methods for exams.

We have compiled a list of technology involved tips and tricks on how to cheat on a test that maybe, just maybe, deserve a good grade for their ingenuity. Let’s have a gander.

P.S – Do not use these cheating methods for exams.

Cheating methods for exams, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Tricks to Cheat in exams

Bluetooth earphones

You can have audio notes that you can listen to for questions that you can’t seem to answer. You can either wear a hoodie or long hair to conceal the earphones that let you listen to those notes or somehow excuse yourself for a bathroom break to quickly get a few minutes to listen. On Tuesday this week, ten students were caught cheating in ‘Munnabhai’ style during the MBBS final examination in Agra. The students were cheating using micro-sized Bluetooth earphones.
They were being provided with the answer to the questions by their associates sitting outside the examination hall.

Innovative cheating methods for exams: Invisible ink

Write down the answers to the test in invisible ink. Either scrawl the answers directly onto your desktop (if you have an assigned seat) or put them on a “blank” sheet of paper and keep it out during the test. They’ll glow brightly when illuminated with UV keychain light, but will remain unseen to anyone passing by the rest of the time. Sounds cool, no?

Softwares to the rescue

Several software companies, including IGIS electronics offer devices that can be shipped globally to enable the high-tech cheater. Under the ‘Exam Cheat Equipment’ section, the website offers invisible earpieces that can be connected to an MP3 player, or connect you to an associate who can relay answers to you. Each kit includes a tiny earpiece, an ‘SOS’ silent beeper button to communicate with someone, and the means to connect to a Bluetooth cell phone, and a microphone. The button is attached to a long wire that can be ran down a leg to be placed in your shoe, or for the braver souls, placed in your pocket.

Many other devices are offered for covert cheating in exams through wireless audio transmission.

Spy cameras

Students at a medical college in Thailand have been caught using spy cameras linked to smartwatches to cheat during exams. They used wireless spycams in eyeglasses to capture exam questions, transmit them to associates elsewhere and receive responses through linked smartwatches

Cheating watch

There is a device marketed as a Cheating Watch that can store PDF, Word and other documents. But it also has a super-fast emergency button. This button locks other buttons and displays only the time when approached by any suspecting exam invigilator.

Invisible watch

There is even an Invisible Watch that appears to display nothing when the watch is switched on. But when viewed with special glasses sold with the watch, the screen becomes visible and you can see any uploaded content, such as your exam cheat notes.

Fake fingerprint tricks

In China, pupils have even go so far as using fake fingerprints to pass themselves off as students who want to cheat in the national college entrance exams.

Electronic erasers

In some kind of James Bond-themed espionage fantasy, a small minority have also used electronic erasers that can transmit questions and receive answers. Around 40 students, all originally from Shanghai. They were reportedly caught with the devices, disguised to look like everyday objects.

Miniature cameras

Some of the uncovered equipments include miniature cameras installed into both a pen and a set of glasses.  There’s also wireless earphones resembling small earplugs. In one instance, a grey tank top was wired with a plug capable. It was connecting to a mobile phone that could be used to send out information. There was also a camera installed in the shirt. Safeer, an assistant superintendent of police in Nanguneri, Tirunelveli, allegedly took a cellphone, a Bluetooth-enabled miniature camera in a shirt button and wireless earpieces into the examination hall in  Chennai. The camera was connected to Google drive. He scanned Question paper using camera which was sent to his wife Joyce sitting in Hyderabad. Joyce gave him answers that were transmitted to him again via the Bluetooth. Joyce was also arrested in the case for providing answers to Safeer on phone from Hyderabad.


In Shaanxi province of Beijing, 2,440 pharmacists were accused of cheating in a national licensing test according to China’s state TV in August 2005.”The scam involved the use of earpieces. Fake candidates were sent into exams to get hold of the questions”, the South China Morning Post reports.
They then left the test centres early to find out the answers. Candidates who had paid the scammers the appropriate fee then received the correct answers through their earpieces.


This could just be the golden age of cheating in tests due to the technology that’s readily available these days.
There are plenty of options in just one mobile device. They range from the good old note or text message from a conspirator to an app or looking up and saving web pages on the Internet.

All you need to do is to make sure that your execution is perfect. Do this so you don’t get caught and actually get to put down the right answers smartly.


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