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Chhattisgarh Potter flooded with “Magic Lamp” orders

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Ashok Chakradhari, a potter from Kondagaon village in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh is trending on internet. His unique creation, Diwali “magic lamp” is gaining enough limelight awarding him with thousands of orders eventually. The lamp has the capacity to burn for at least 24 hours with a traditional technique. Ashok is 62 years old and always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas that can challenge his pottery skills.

Magic Lamp, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Chhattisgarh Potter’s Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp Making

Ashok attempted this unique diya sculpture after watching a Youtube Video, last year. He said, “I was looking for a new diya polishing design. That’s when i chanced upon a lamp which holds a reservoir of oil on it and keeps filling the base to ensure the lamp doesn’t stop burning. I found it interesting and thus tried my hands on it.”

The structure consists of three parts, a lamp, a reservoir and a tube-like structure to hold reservoir over lamp’s base. Open-ended tube fits into lamp’s wide base, attached to which diya has a small opening into the tube-like structure. One handle is also affixed to the back. Oil pours into diya from the reservoir through a spout opening. He took just a week to succeed in this artwork.

How does it work?

Firstly, oil is filled in the reservoir and turned upside down over the base. This way, oil starts pouring from the spout into diya. When oil covers the whole surface , air gap restricts the oil to leave the reservoir. And once Diya gets lit, air gap releases whenever oil level drops, thus, maintaining the non-stop burning.

Ashok was not very exact about the capacity of the reservoir but he claimed Diya’s burning for 24 hours in one go. Only lamp threads are required to change after one burns out completely.

Ashok overwhelmed with Buyer’s responses:

Ashok said, ” People from all over the country wanted to place orders, some for 1000 pieces and some for only 5 pieces or less. I had to refuse their orders because I can’t avail courier facility here. Moreover, the lamps are delicate and there is a huge chance of damage during transit. But due to heavy responses that I’ve received, I’m looking for some solutions.”

Apart from this beautiful creation of his, Ashok makes decorative horses, elephants, coffee mugs, dinner sets, water pots, etc. Pottery is his family business and he is practicing it since childhood.





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