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Child Prodigy Tathagat Avatar Tulsi

Child Prodigy Tathagat Tulsi, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Who doesn’t remember the boy from Bihar named among the World’s seven most Gifted Youngsters in 2003? The boy who became famous as a child prodigy at the age of 6. Yes, today we are talking about the child prodigy Tathagat Tulsi, the programmed child (in terms of sci-fi).

Child Prodigy Tathagat Tulsi, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Tathagat Tulsi

Tulsi’s Life Journey

Born on September 9, 1987, Tulsi today is known as an Indian Physicist. He completed his high school at 9, a B.Sc degree at 10 and M.Sc at 12 from Patna Science College(Patna University). At the age of 22, he earned his Ph.D degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Subsequently, in July 2010, he received the offer of working as an Assistant Professor on contract at IIT Mumbai.

Tulsi’s father Prof Tulsi Narayan Prasad claims that the birth of his genius son was well-planned. In an interview to Times of India, he explained: “It’s a branch of science, Eugenics. I and my wife had to plan everything in the process of having the child. We followed all the prerequisites right from our diet to our mood to sex itself.”

How child Prodigy Tathagat Tulsi Shot to Fame

Tathagat came into limelight when Indian Government’s Department of Science and Technology shortlisted him for a “Nobel laureates” Germany conference in 2001. He received bulk of recognition after getting mentioned as one of the most gifted Asian youngsters by ‘TIME’ magazine. “Superteen” by ‘Science’, “Physics Prodigy” by ‘The TIMES’, “Master Mind” by ‘The WEEK’ and listed by ‘Outlook’ as one of the smartest Indian youngsters, afterwards. He also participated in “Stock Exchange of Visions” project of Fabrica in 2007. National Geographic Channel  aired his story in its program called “Brilliant Brain.”

Case of Sacking by IIT-Bombay:.

In 2019, Tulsi got sacked by IIT-Bombay for being absent from the institute since January 2018. Due to health problems, he had to go on leave from January 2014 but even after the sanctioned period of leave, he did not return. The institute issued a show cause notice asking Tulsi to provide reasons for his absence from service and the Board too,  held him accountable for “grave misconduct.” On answering all these accuses, Tathagat said, “Mumbai’s weather is affecting my health and this is why I have appealed to IIT-Bombay to transfer me to IIT-Delhi. However the institute has terminated my service but I have requested them to forward my application to the honourable President of the country. I believe some amendments can be done in special cases.”

Aftermaths of Premature Stardom:

Tathagat believes when you have fame, you can make money. He always enjoyed the fame and he still likes it, but, not at the cost of happiness. Tulsi battled depression for four years between 2014-18. He had in fact experienced accusations by other students and some scientists of being a fake genius.

As a teenager, he used to receive a monthly grant of Rs 8000 from the government. His plan was to start studying at 20 and go for IAS papers at 21. “While assisting Love Grover, an inventor of Quantum search algorithm in America, I was hit differently. Slowly, I stopped looking at myself through other’s eyes. When the world said I was a prodigy, I felt like one. When they said I was a fraud, I felt like one. Now I realized that I was happy while learning. That’s where my true happiness lies,” he says.

Even after worldwide acceptance and all the fame, currently Tathagat is jobless. He is constantly pleading for his transfer on special grounds. His Facebook handle remains mostly inactive and somewhere we are on the way of losing another precious gem due to the overhyped media and its pressures.



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