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Coaching institutes’ survival in the pandemic

Coaching Institutes in Pandemic, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Covid – 19 pandemic has hit the world with a deep shock and everyone in the world has been affected by the situation created because of the crises. The coaching institutes in pandemic have been trying all their means to conduct the classes online. The crisis has affected the coaching world and institutes are seeing fall in admissions to half and budgets that are straining to pay for rented spaces. There is a fear of online competitors crowding them out.


Coaching Institutes in Pandemic, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Online Coaching Class in Pandemic

1.FITJEE : Online classes in coaching institutes in pandemic

FITJEE is one of the oldest coaching centres in Delhi. The lone guard said, “The classes were being conducted online. However, for inquiries you should contact the institute over the phone”.
Moreover, they are making every possible endeavour to let students continue their preparation for JEE Main, JEE Advanced without any hurdle. “The students who are enrolled with us are continuing to connect with their respective permanent teacher.” he added. The students who are planning to join the coaching institute can appear for the home-based online admission test.


Students at ALLEN are continuing with ALLEN digital at home throughout the session. However, students will have the option to continue the rest of their classes in campus classrooms after the institute opens. To maintain the trust of parents, Allen career institute released a list of security standards for classroom coaching. These standards include masks, sanitisation of campuses twice a day, special seating arrangements and the use of umbrellas by students to ensure social distancing.

A teacher with Allen’s Kota said, ” Online learning suffers from major limitations such as lack of discipline and lack of peer learning. While solving problems in the classroom, students learn from one another. It’s also difficult to enforce discipline and some students clearly cheat in mock tests at home”. Shreeya Choudhary a student at ALLEN said, ” In this situation, where all other institutes are shut, ALLEN is providing us with real-time learning through video lectures. Also, we have all the necessary help to prepare in the best way possible”.


At Narayana coaching institute, Delhi only a guard and two officials sit inside. Anand Kumar, one official said, “Parents fear sending their kids outside. With around 70% per cent of the business down, the coaching industry is severely hit. Big ones like us are managing but smaller ones won’t survive in this situation”.

4.Aakash Institue : Lower numbers in coaching institute in pandemic

Aakash Institue has lowered the initial amounts for freezing of seats, desperate for students. The teachers at Aakash institute are using the online medium to stay connected with the students. Recently, Aakash has launched live online crash courses for students to help them prepare for NEET and JEE examination. The institute is connected with the students through Aakash live, live teaching module disseminates teaching via a virtual classroom. “This will remain a bad year for us. I don’t think parents will be comfortable to send their children to crowded classrooms,” said a teacher of Aakash Institute’s Nagpur centre.


5.Resonance : No threat from e-learning in coaching institutes in pandemic

A resonance centre in Delhi is accepting advance payments of Rs 10,000 as opposed to Rs 60,000 in last year. The centre charges Rs 1 lakh per annum for one student. “However, some sections are optimistic and also we cannot replace the classroom. Here students interact and the atmosphere is competitive. The classroom provides a competitive edge” says Mukesh Sharma of Resonance, a leading institute. Manoj Sharma, MD of Resonance said, “Students would still rely on the classroom. There is no threat from e-learning and Kota will not lose its identity,” he said.

6.Career Point

Pramod Maheshwari, CEO of Career Point said, “The disruption because of the pandemic was permanent and parents would prefer online coaching classes for at least this year”. Incidentally, the Kota based institute had got onto the online learning bandwagon last year. It has managed to hold on its overall enrollment numbers.

“Last year we had 9,000 students of whom 90 per cent were enrolled for classroom teaching. This time we have 11,000 students but 80 per cent of them haven’t shown interest in converting their online classes to offline once the lockdown eases” he added. Shailendra Maheshwari, Director of Career Point said, “Kota attracts less than 1% students. The number is about 1.60 lakh. Other who do not come to Kota are also getting admission. However, Kota has a very high success rate for both engineering and medical entrance examination. Therefore, The attraction of Kota will remain as a centre for excellence.”

7.Radiant Study Centre –

Radiant Study Center, Kochi offers to coach for JEE and NEET. Also, the network issues pose as an obstruction for teaching. However, the recording of online classes takes place. “Several students take the same for granted and they do not attend the live online classes. This can hamper the results of the students” a staffer with the Radiant study centre said.

8.Casper Academy of Excellence

Casper Academy of Excellence, Kochi, focuses on IELTS, PTA and TOEFL. Biju M, owner of Casper Academy of Excellence said, “The coaching centres in Kochi are badly affected. We have started online classes but many students are unwilling to come forward as their parents are concerned about studying abroad.”

9.Vajiram & Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi is a premier coaching institute. It is in old Rajinder Nagar in central Delhi. It prepares students for the annual UPSC examinations. Arjun Ravindran, director of Vajiram & Ravi said, ” This year we are stating at a much as a 40 % downfall in the admission rate.” The institute also has a centre in Chennai. The Delhi centre has nearly 30 batches enrolled for general students each year. It holds three UPSC coaching sessions every year but this time they are willing out the May round and that leaves with two rounds of admission, he added.

10.Khan Study group

Khan study group, Delhi is a renowned UPSC coaching provider. The institute has two centres in Delhi. It also has six other centres in different states. “Now, the social distancing has become a new norm and this means we gave to significantly cut down the number of students accommodated in the classroom. The Khan study group anticipates a slump in this year’s admission numbers of at least 25%,” BK Mishra, director of human resources said at Khan Study.


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