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Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain?

Computer Vision Syndrome Global Youth Voice gyv

Rubbing your eyes more than usual? Headache, back pain, or neck pain? Screen is your new friend due to the pandemic?

You could be facing Digital eye Strain or Computer Vision syndrome. People spending long hours in front of computer screen, experience eye discomfort and vision problems. Our eyes are not designed to use computers for long hours. Digital eye strain is a condition characterized by visual disturbance and ocular discomfort related to the use of digital devices.

Dr Ranjana, an Eye Specialist says, “This occurs due to our incorrect position and posture. Managing brightness and background lightning is an easy redressal to the problem is by .”
“Focusing on screen for longer hours can cause eye strain, lethargy, headache, eye parch, heaviness, red and gritty-feeling”, said Dr V.K. Agarwal, is an eye specialist from Raipur. He further added, “Working long screen hours is unavoidable, so using protective glasses is a must. One can go for SP2 color glasses as well. People sitting in air-conditioned room are more prone to digital eye strain.”

Computer Vision Syndrome Global Youth Voice gyv
Computer Vision Syndrome

The condition is characterized by a wide range of symptoms and is more prevalent in the millennial generation as people now study, work, and seek entertainment through digital mediums.
“Limiting the screen time is the best thing to help, if achievable”, said eye surgeon Dr. Rahul Verma. “The 20-20 rule must be followed and worth your time. This is simple and handy. We just need to take a break after every 20 minutes and look least 20 ft. away for 20 seconds. This helps muscles relax, straighten posture and reminds people to blink.” added Rahul.

Our eyes normally blink 12-14 times per minute, but while sitting on screen it comes down to 5 to 7 times per minute. So, one should remember to blink. “Lighting and glare control on device screen establish proper working distances and posture for screen viewing. This corrects minor vision problems properly”, said Rahul.


Computer Vision Syndrome Global Youth Voce gyv
Seeing too much of computer screen cause digital eye strain

Controlling brightness and contrast are a must and switching off room lights should be avoided. Matching screen brightness to ambient lightning is the correct way to deal with the problem.
The problems faced due to Digital eye strain may not cause permanent effect on vision. However, it may persist if no changes are made worsened by further digital screen use.


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