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Coolest Jobs on earth: Enlisting Dream Jobs of Many

Coolest Jobs on earth: Enlisting Dream Jobs of Many Global Youth Voice gyv

Jobs are fast turning out to be a rare commodity in this pandemic era. The number of people who dare fantasize about getting paid for activities like sleeping, eating, travelling, etc shrunk to a bare minimum. But, fortunately, such dream jobs do exist, however, few in number.

If you still dream of holding a dream job then read on. Here is a list of some dream-come-true professions:

Coolest Jobs on earth: Enlisting Dream Jobs of Many Global Youth Voice gyv
Sleeping: A coolest job

1. Sleeping professionals

 Yes, this job does exist! This is the job of a luxury bed tester. This job requires the skills of sleeping on the job for a complete day, under different room conditions. Well, this job doesn’t end here rather one needs to write a review about the bed with improvement suggestions, if required. Sleeping also comes up with another job opportunity. Here one is forced to sleep for hours under the supervision of doctors. These researchers will then examine the mental and physical changes in the subjects. The only requirement for these job descriptions is good language and writing skills to write reviews.

Coolest Jobs on earth: Enlisting Dream Jobs of Many Global Youth Voice gyv
Do you know netflix can make you rich

2. Netflix tagger 

Binge watch all episodes of a Netflix series in a day. Want to be a true couch potato? Well there is always a solution to what one wants. Moreover, Netflix employs people called taggers who get paid to watch and review streaming movies and series. Many movie producers also pay critics to watch and rate their movies before releasing them. This helps Netflix to provide users with shows according to their choices.


3. Water Slide Tester 

Love for water and thrill is common to many. Well this love can also get you money. Here in this job, you will be responsible for testing water slides and review factors like rush and biggest splash experienced. One will also require to travel to different countries as well. Writing and verbal skills are must for this job and a will to travel overseas.


4. Seat Filler 

All you need to do in this job is sit. The job entails you to occupy seats during award shows for aesthetic purposes. There are lot of non-disclosure agreements needs to signed to get this job. Meals provided with benefits of sitting beside your favourite actor and actress is also tremendous.


5. Private Island Caretaker 

One always dreams to live on an Island of his own but that can be done by serving in one. This job is best for the people who love sand, sea. Caretakers will review the island, write blogs, and photo journals. It also requires basic ideas of maintenance work like gardening, carpentering, and plumbing.


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