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Delhi Cop Charged for Molestation by 4 Women

Delhi Cop Charged of Molestation, Global Youth Voice, gyv

The Delhi Police has time and again been in news for some reason. This time, a police official from Delhi’s Dwarka is booked for flashing and molesting women. The very same uniform meant to protect its citizens has actually been used to intimidate the residents of the Dwarka area.

Delhi Cop Charged of Molestation, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Puneet Grewal: Delhi Police sub-inspector was arrested for allegedly molesting, stalking and passing lewd remarks at women.

Delhi Cop Harasses 4 Women (at least) the Same Day

Delhi Police sub-inspector Puneet Grewal was arrested for allegedly molesting, stalking and passing lewd comments at multiple women. He was further taken into custody on Saturday after complaints from at least four women. On October 17, three women in south west Delhi’s Dwarka complained of being stalked and molested by a person in a grey Baleno between 8 am and 9 am. A fourth person too filed a similar complaint.

Four separate cases were filed against Grewal. This includes the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, Delhi Police said. The officer has been dismissed from service.

Puneet Grewal’s Misdeed Not Much of a Shocker

People on social media have started sharing horrors of Grewal’s presence in the locality since the whole matter escalated. They even mentioned in their posts that it had become difficult for people to allow their kids and girls be outside after evening. Parents stopped their kids from playing and cycling outside in the evening.

One of the women shared the horrifying experience in a video. She narrated the entire incident that unfolded October 17th morning. “While cycling, I noticed a small, grey car which had its rear glass broken. After some time, I noticed that the car was being driven beside me. I didn’t look at him. He honked at me. I gestured him to move ahead. He didn’t move ahead and chased me.”

The man in car approached her for directions to Dwarka Sector-14. When the woman she started to direct him, she noticed that he had unzipped his trousers. He further went on  touching his genitals. “I angrily asked him to leave. I then realised that there was nobody around me and that cars were passing by in high speed. The man in the car started saying nasty things. He wasn’t stopping. He went on”. After noticing few parked vehicles, she started screaming and calling for help. The man soon fled the scene after

After the complaint, the police went through footage from 200 CCTV cameras and deployed nearly 200 police personnel to trace the Grey Baleno the accused was driving. 286 Balenos registered in Delhi were also tracked down with their details. However, the accused’s car did not have any registered number.

On Saturday though, he was finally nabbed. Tracked down to his home in west Delhi’s Janakpuri, the man was identified as sub-inspector Puneet Grewal.

No FIRs Lodged Previously

Grewal was posted with Special Cell unit of Delhi Police. He is currently taken into under judicial custody, the police said. The Delhi cop had allegedly harassed several other women earlier too, but First Information Reports (FIRs) were not filed, police sources revealed. Grewal could further land in trouble as more cases could be filed against him if the police collect details of similar complaints.

Similar Stories of Delhi Police Horrors

Earlier, in March, a Ugandan woman had alleged that 3 police officials tried to rape her. While the news caught media’s attention, the Safdarjung police refused from even registering an FIR. She was rather threatened by the police and accused of sex work. The Superintendent of Police, Safdarjung area did not take cognizance of the matter either. The woman was harassed by police officials the entire night of the incident, and an eye witness who later accompanied the Ugandan woman throughout the night told media that there were marks of injury on the victim’s body. She was also abused in front of the eye witnesses for demanding her phone, which was never given back to her. The case never got pursued any further.


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