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Farmers’ Protest : Youth turns off water canon

Chalo Delhi Protest, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Since Thursday, hundreds of protesters are marching towards Delhi to show their resentment against the Farmers Bill. The “Dilli Chalo” protest has been in news for many reasons but a recent video going viral, is giving another touch to the protest. A young boy climbing on police vehicle to turn off the water canon shows that the farmer’s protest is being backed up by youths as well.

Dilli Chalo Protest, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Dilli Chalo Protest by Farmers


Man behind the viral video clip

Navdeep Singh from Ambala is a young protester and a farmer. He is a graduate too and was protesting along with farmers from over 250 villages. Near Ambala, the march resulted into a furious face-off between the police and farmers. Meanwhile, police started using water canons to disperse the protesters when Navdeep climbed on the vehicle and reached the tap. He turned it off and jumped onto the nearby tractor to save himself from the chasing policeman. He was also struck with canes while doing this.

“Dilli Chalo” Protest

Farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana are mobilising under the Samyukt Kisan Morcha banner for the agitation. Farmers consider centre’s “three new farms laws” as a threat to the government procurement of crops at Minimum Support price (MSP). They want government to repeal them and also are asking for withdrawal of Electricity Bill, 2020. According to farmers, the new electricity bill could remove their free power rights.

The police deployed three layers of security to stop farmers from crossing the border. But at Singhu border crossing, farmers started pelting stones and broke barricades which made police fire multiple rounds of teargas. Meanwhile, after negotiations between Delhi Police, Delhi government and farmer leaders, they reached a compromise on the condition that the protest would remain peaceful. Police would escort the protesters to Nirankari ground in Burari.

Conscience on Government’s negotiation

After receiving the permission of peaceful protest, farmer groups celebrated their victory. But there was a situation of dissent among young farmers. They argued that it’s better to stay laid on the highways than be shunted off to the Burari grounds. However, another group demanded for a more high-profile location such as Jantar Mantar near the Parliament.

As per recent developments, Navdeep Singh has been booked for attempt to murder. His father is also an accused in the FIR. The charge put on them is attempting to run over policemen with a speeding tractor-trolley by breaking the barricading. Also, a farmers’ union meeting is underway deciding whether to take Nirankari Bhawan as a place for protest or not.


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