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DPS Girl Authors “The Painted Porch”

Dhanbad: At a time when most of the school goers are trying to beat the boredom of life out of schools by identifying talent within, class 10 student of DPS Dhanbad-Anshika Kumari has perhaps managed to identify her acumen. Emotional by nature, she was often moved by the reports of teenagers committing suicide and deep within she used to wonder, if kids of her age and even younger can ever take such drastic step.

The Painted Porch, authored by Anshika Kumari, class 10 student of DPS Dhanbad

She went through such media reports and decided to tell the society that all suicide stories are not real and there could be complex situations. Instances when the victim is presented to have committed suicide to save ‘prestige of family’ or evade a larger issue of harassment.

The 10th grader penned down her emotions in form of a book titled –The Painted Porch, which is already up for sale on amazon and Flipkart. The 350 page book is the story of two girls which throw light on teenage emotions, high voltage sentiments and death of one of the friends which is portrayed as suicide. Published by Chennai based Notion Press, this is her second publication.

Why ‘Painted Porch”

Porch is derived from French ‘Porche’ which means the outer part of a house covering the façade. Usually people keep their porch neat clean and well decorated as it is exposed to the outer world. The author has titled her book in such a way which describes how societal pressure compels, people to cover up the ugly facts. Sometimes these cover-ups, in a bid to show the flowery picture of family, compels them to propound the theory of suicide and evade delving deeper into the crisis. Anshika has also elaborated, through her story, how it is easy for the law enforcement agencies to float suicide theory and avoid painstaking investigation.

The story

The teenage emotions are intertwined in the tale of two girls—Amoli Parekh and Charmie. The protagonist of the story, Amoli is a lonely girl despite living in a joint family. She becomes friends with Charmie, a new girl in her colony and of the same age. Both are good friends in school. Once Amoli happens to witness something awkward happening at Charmies home, who was her next door neighbor too. After a few days Charmie is found dead in her room, which is portrayed as suicide. Amoli knows certain bitter truth and is unwilling to accept the suicide theory. The story further encapsulates Amoli’s mental condition and goes on to explain if the 15 year old could muster courage to speak the truth behind Charmie’s death.

What played in authors mind

Anshika strongly believes that kids of her age cannot commit suicide as they are very optimistic about life. The society should not avoid facing the realities and bringing to book those who are responsible for either creating such situation or giving name of suicide to homicides.

About the Author

Anshika Prasad, daughter of Advocate Pankaj Prasad and homemaker Smita Sinha is waiting for her Matriculation results. She developed interest in fictions since she was seven and had penned the first book on collection of short stories titled –Voice of the blossom and the other story when she was just 13. She wants to make a career in the world of fiction writing.

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