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Embarrassing Things Kids are Guilty of

Embarrassing things kids do, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Childhood is full of embarrassments which no one really enjoys talking about. However there are some common embarrassing things kids do but feel shy in admitting, as adults. It’s called blast from the past. Do you remember drinking Coke pretending it to be Wine in front of all? Or that Cigarette candy which you must have held between your fingers as a cigarette to look cool? Meanwhile, you or I, we aren’t the only one who was this weird in their childhood.

Let’s go down the memory lane and try to discover little secrets of every adult they did as kids:

Embarrassing things kids do, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Cigarette Candy

1. Pretending to smoke when it’s cold outside

Admit it, we all must have tried doing this as kids. Blowing out air from our mouth in extreme temperature so that it look like we are smoking a cigarette. And don’t just mistake it for a young activity, even we as adults love to try it out.

2. Tying firecrackers to the tail of dogs

This is a not so funny or adorable acts during the festival of lights. Himansh while sharing his experience said, “As kids, we waited for Diwali for the shebang. Once we had tied a not so long mat cracker(chatai bomb)  to a stray dog’s tail. The dog started jumping madly once we lit it. We all had a good laugh until our parents came to know about it. We all were scolded badly and realised what a terrible mistake it was. Our action was inhuman”. Himansh and GYV summarise that nobody should do it.

3. Eating Chalk or Soil

Chalk or soil eating is one of the common habits found in children, in fact some adults are also addicted to it. People who admit to eating chalk called it a kind of craving which is irresistible. Here is an incident shared by a class 6 student. She says, “In our school, everyday a certain amount of chalk was kept in each class. But the very next day the stock would vanish. Our class monitor once complained about it to the class teacher and teacher’s investigation found out a girl from our class had this chalk addiction. Every morning she used to come early and flick the chalk away.” Well, the girl had her genuine compulsion.

4. Sticking Chewing gum under the desk

Many of us are guilty of sticking our chewed gum under the desk during the class. It was one of the most popular trick to hide the chewing gum while the class was operational. Smart kids had another reason behind this, which was saving oneself from the effort of going out of the class and spitting it.

5. Putting Fevicol on hands and peeling it off

Kids enjoy this weird practice of putting fevicol on their palm, let it dry and thereafter peeling it off. We may have no idea what kind of satisfaction the peeling gives, but a child knows one for sure.


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