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Enjoy and Educate: Top 10 games that are best for kids

Top ten games best for kids Global Youth Voice gyv

Kids generally like to have fun rather than sit in a class. They like to play games that give them a sense of competition. Playing games makes them feel relaxed. However, these fun mobile games educate and entertain at the same time. For parents who want their children’s smartphone time to be more of a learning experience, here are top 10 mobile games kids will enjoy.

Khan Academy Kids

Enjoy and Educate: Top 10 games that are best for kids Global Youth Voice gyv
Top 10 Games for kids

Khan Academy Kids is one of the best mobile games available. It includes a cast of colorful animal characters, children can learn skills like reading, writing, and problem solving by drawing, storytelling, and lots of other fun activities. It is made for children aged six and under. Each child has their own profile and track record. Aditi Singh who helps her sister with the game says, “They can also present a collection of books and videos to enjoy at any time, at their own speed. As they learn, kids are rewarded with fun things like hats for the animals or bugs for their collection. The best fact is that it is entirely free, without ads or in-app purchases.”

ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics

ABC Kids is a game based on helping children recognize and draw letters. It is hosted by an upbeat lion, alongside other animal companions who dance and cheer in encouragement. Kids can switch between a variety of games in order to have fun while learning the alphabet. Whether it’s tracing letters, matching lowercase to uppercase, or pairing through phonics, this is perfectly designed for children in the early stages of learning. There’s also an easy parent’s mode, where you can track progress and mark if there’s something you want your child to focus on.

Algorithm City

Made for older children, Algorithm City is a fun game that teaches the basics of programming through more than 50 levels. The aim is to guide a little penguin along stages, collecting all of the coins along. This is done by selecting actions through a simple graphical interface and then watching how it plays out. Pawan Kumar loves games like these. He believes, “There’s a smooth learning curve as difficulty increases with every level. Although there’s only ever a limited set of functions left with the child, they must learn how to create effective code in order to reach the highest score.”

 Astronomy for Kids

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of space and this app lets children explore the solar system and wider universe with high quality animations and audio. They will learn about planets, constellations, comets, and more. Information can be gathered by visiting places like the observatory and cinema. They eventually blast their friendly cow pal into space. Occasional quizzes also appear to test knowledge. This game plays a big role blending the fun and learning together perfectly.

Math Land

Enjoy and Educate: Top 10 games that are best for kids Global Youth Voice gyv

In Math Land, kids capture a pirate called Ray. He is on a mission to find the gems that have been stolen by the evil Max. With the gems spread around various islands, children must solve math problems in order to unlock spy glasses and sail the sea. The game covers all kinds of math problems—addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more. It adjusts the difficulty level depending on the child’s age.

Logic Land

Logic is as important as math and science. This is where Logic Land helps. All the games within are there to improve development of logical reasoning, spatial intelligence, and memory. These games include identifying the odd one out, completing a sequence, calculating how many blocks are in a shape, etc. As children solve them, they earn treasure and allow the characters Jack and Alice to move to other islands.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Nothing beats Cookie Monster and Elmo. Children can join both of them in the kitchen to help bake three and four letter words. They can decorate their cookies with colorful, tasty-looking decorations and then share them with Cookie Monster and Elmo. While baking, the Sesame Street characters will be teaching children how to speak the words, the meaning, and how vowels are used to make different words.

Play and Learn Science

Play and Learn Science is more like exploring how science surrounds us in everyday life. Kids can do experiments, engineer solutions, and learn about things like temperature and shadows. There are lots of games and activities to keep them occupied for a while. This app is best as a co-learning solution. Each game has parent notes that make you ask questions to your children to get them thinking and taking the lessons beyond the app.

Shaun Learning Games for Kids

Shaun the Sheep and his friends are on a mission to make education an incredibly fun experience for kids. Made for children aged three to eight, the difficulty can be adjusted according to the child’s needs. There are loads of games covering topics like math, direction, memory, and creation. Kids can also take a break as they draw and paint

Chess for Kids

Playing chess will help develop your child’s problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, and concentration. This game is so popular with all ages. Abhishek Raj is an avid player. He says, “This app is especially for children, which means it’s colorful, easy to use, and kids are protected from chatting or adding friends without permission from parents.” It lets kids play chess with others around the world or with the bot at different skill levels.


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