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Excretion in Humans MCQ- ICSE Class 7 Biology

Extretion in Humans MCQ
This is a practice set– ICSE Biology Class 7

Ch 5- Excretion in Humans MCQ for students of ICSE board based on their Biology book of Selina publication. The questions are from entire content of the chapter. By completing the set of 30 questions one can rest assured of full preparation.

Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions have been converted into MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 45 mins. The questions can be attempted multiple times to achieve full score or reduce timing for practice.

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Welcome to your ICSE Class 7 Biology- Excretion in Humans

1. Apart from getting rid of unwanted and toxic substance from the body, kidney also helps maintaining balance of water and salt. This process is called:
2. Blood enters into kidney through:
3. We urinate fewer times in summer than in winter. This is explained by
4. The bean shaped kidneys have a dark outer region called ______ and lighter inner region________.
5. The narrow tube running from the inner side of each kidney to the urinary bladder.
6. The structural and functional unit of kidney:
7. Poor intake of water and fluids often leads to crystalisation of ___a____ causing ____b____.chose the correct set of (a) & (b)
8. Pick the odd one in terms of renal excretion
9. In human beings, urine is produced in :
10. Adequate water intake helps avoid
11. Liver as an excretory organ produces _________ by breaking down amino acids.
12. Another name for renal tubules:
13. Name the yellowish pigment produced in the liver
14. The functional unit of kidney that removes waste substances from the blood and convert it into urine
15. Dialysis is the process of:
16. Urethra drains the urine from kidney to the bladder.State True of False
17. A person can survive on one functional kidneyState True or False
18. Blood flowing through kidney per minute
19. Presence of glucose in sugar indicates a disease condition called:
20. The branch of medical science dealing with kidney and its functioning:
21. Besides water the urine mainly contains:
22. The single median tube that drains out urine from the bladder:
23. Renal excretory system in humans consists of Kidney, two ureters ________ and _________.
24. The Kidneys are made up of tiny tubular units called:
25. Urinary Track Infection (UTI) in an infection of
26. Vitamins that are water soluble
27. Main function of urinary bladder is
28. Filtration of excretory wastes from the blood occurs in :
29. Sweat is excreted by
30. The kidneys are made up of:

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