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Fashion Trends Ruling 2020 Runaways

Fashion Trends Ruling 2020 Runaways Global Youth Voice gyv

Being different and staying ahead is the core mantra of fashionistas across the globle. To zero in on future legends and trends of this dynamic, global industry a number of challenges and programmes are conducted every year. In 2020 though, those formats are changing rapidly. With these new formats new ideas are coming up. The fashion parade of 2020 is in vogue now.
Here’s your chance to discover the fashionable look by giving your wardrobe a new panache.

Fashion Trends Ruling 2020 Runaways Global Youth Voice gyv
Disco Collar: A Fashion Trend

1. The disco collar –

Disco is never dead and this look is making a come back. Wide collars are making a surprisingly strong comeback. Though this time the collars are modernised with coats, jackets, and button downs. It comes with cool contrasting colours to make it look catchy. Well that’s the idea with a super wide collar so that you can see it even from a distance.

2. Not your grandmother’s crochet –

It is a cool update to your wardrobe. This is a collection of ultra feminine dresses, refined suiting, and evening wear that textures modern with a special touch of grandma’s handmade crochet. As the fashion industry looks for ways to become more sustainable. There is something special given to the trend which comes with handmade techniques. This will also breathe new life into many handlooms.

3. Hot pants –

Time for shorts are over as the hot pants are making a comeback. Balance out hot pants with long sleeves or a jacket on top. You can take inspiration from the Chanel runway and style – a pair of black tights under these black short-shorts. Whether you style them with leggings or over a mesh dress, pair them with knee-high boots or pumps, rest assured that hot pants will make your legs sizzle.

4. Highlighter reel –

Yes, you guessed right, I am talking about the fluorescent blue, green, pink and yellow colour dresses. All these highlighter-inspired neons are gracing catwalks. These vibrant shades need to be carried carefully otherwise they can quickly turn into disasters. A striking neon maxi dress can make you queen of the party. The neon hue is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, it’s for the bold and adventurous.

Fashion Trends Ruling 2020 Runaways Global Youth Voice gyv
Bermunda Shorts: One of the Fashion Trends

5. Bermunda Business –

Bermunda shorts are here to carry your confidence. This is a twist on classic suit style to save your day. Wearing Bermunda shorts off-duty or posing for street-style photographers is harmless. But wearing them in a corporate setting can be tricky. Try to keep the colours dark and pair them with sleek tops or button downs.
The reinventing of the fashion industry in recent years is driven by a combination of comfort and anti-fit dresses. Dresses which accentuate the shape of one’s body are giving way to loose fit silhouettes making style synonyms with comfort.


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