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Fastest Human Calculator : Neelkantha Prakash

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A mathematics student from Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College, who won gold medal at Mental Calculation World Championship made everyone spellbound with his performance. Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash holds the world record for “fastest human calculator.” This 20-year-old Hyderabad boy won the championship at Mind Sports Olympiad held in London this year only. It was a virtual contest with 30 participants from UK, Germany, UAE, France, Greece and Lebanon.

Human Calculator Neelkantha Prakash, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash: Human Calculator

Bhanu’s Achievements

After beating 29 competitors, Bhanu won the Olympiad with a clear margin of 65 points. He was so fast that the judges asked him to perform more calculations to double check his accuracy. Meanwhile, this is the first time an Indian won the gold medal at the most prestigious International competition. But this is not his only achievement, he holds 4 ‘world records’ and 50 ‘limca records’ too. His brain calculates faster than the speed of a calculator. It is a matter of national pride that Neelkantha is now breaking records, once held by maestros like Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi.


Bhanu wants to popularise the “ease” of calculating arithmetics among children. He wants to develop math labs under which children will be taught tips and tricks from the roots. The goal is to develop love for mathematics. Bhanu says, “Three out of every four students studying in Indian government schools face troubles while solving even basic mathematical problems. Math phobia and the demotivation is another cause for kids opting out of the rural schools in India. Government should take the lead as I want to initiate and proceed “VISION MATH” program ahead.” Bhanu believes that his plan could be helpful in bringing old lost Indian Math Glory.

Bhanu Prakash on Indian Government’s Literacy Policy

Global development is the basic need for a country like India. Under its listed government goals, the country leaders focus on improving literacy. But there is no heed given particularly on the programs of increasing mathematical abilities and numeracy. Bhanu Prakash is trying to attract government on the need of the hour. He emphasizes on the need to understand numeracy is as essential a skill as literacy is. He wants government to help him with his vision so that he could reach out to millions of children and make them love math. Just like any other physical games, mental games or mental ability should also be given importance. Brain training and arithmetic workouts can inspire children to learn maths. Bhanu wishes to make all his visions and dreams a reality one day.


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