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Five Must-Have Footwear For Girls


‘One shoe can change your life’- Cinderella.
Garment is not restricted to body, footwear is a part of it and worn in the feet to prevent injuries and keep vagaries of nature at bay. Having 40,000-year history, it is hard to imagine about the time before their invention. Historians say that shoes were invented in middle Palaeolithic age. All of them have basic characters that they be the time when shoes were invented. Only their colouring, style, design and material have evolved drastically from the time of invention. The earliest ones were made up of wraparound leather and were soft in texture. So, by now footwear has came up in the count of essentials and being stylist is the trend that never fades. Today, we will get a lookover in shoe rack and add the must have footwear in it.
Choice of shoes completely depends on oneself as it fully depends upon our level of comfortability. Due to this reason Bette Midler said
‘I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world’.
For the women right kind of footwear is very essential, their dress up can not end without a good and perfect pair of shoes. There are numerous types for them but let us talk about the 5 must have for them.
1. Flat sandals
Flat sandals

Flat are those which will never disappoint you. These are best for spring and summer if one don’t have the fear of tanning. One can pair it with jeans, shorts, or summer dresses. They are comfortable to wear and light weighted that makes them perfect for out and about. Whichever of the style you may like strappy, or slider , flats are one stop to your footwear solution. If you want your outfit to do the talking then buy gladiator- style flat sandals if you want your outfit to do the talking.

2. Wedges
Wedges / platform heels
Similar height can be achieved from wedges that can be from blister high heels with no discomfort. These have a single material that is used to make soul as well as heel. The thicker at back compared to front gives it a high hell shoe type. They can be your friend from garden parties to weeding occasions. There is no limitation to the outfits when to go in wedges as their main character is versatility. They will never disappoint you , specially neutral coloured wedges which add class to your everyday look and bring statement to your simple outfit.
3. Pumps
Pumps/ Casual regular wear
No matter what your age is the one must have for every women or girl is pumps. They can be carried with practically anything in your closet. Not having on in the rack is considered sin in the footwear world. It is easy to use and will never give you sour feet. They almost look perfect for any set of outfit and just need to take care about the colour clashes. You can go for different prints in pumps which will give pattern and contrast to your outfit.
4. Trainers
Trainers/ Runners
To specify sports and activities trainers are best to rely upon. These can be wearer over the whole year at any season . They have evolved to be more suitable by passing years suitable for casual shoes too. These are best for the upliftment of look by giving a smart finish to your looks and outfit. It needs to worn with correct outfit and it will gives you the height you want. These are very good for legs due to their structure.
5. High Heels
High heels
‘How can we live a high life if we don’t have high hells’- Sonia Rykiel.
They come in different names but are the staple footwear of everyone women. These are the killers heels that are ready to go out anytime . They are the ones that seize attention directly to your legs and give a stretch to your legs so that it looks long. They are timeless in look. Bold colour heels accents to a monochromic look and represents class.
‘I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. And she likes shoes. The fairy-tale is all about the shoe at the end.’- Amy Adams.

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