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After the cancellation of CBSE and ICSE remaining board examination in the view of COVID-19 pandemics, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) has adopted marks imputation formulae for the remaining ICSE year 2020 examination. The marks imputation formulae have been devised by reputed statisticians from the premier Institute in the country.

The council will go ahead with average marks + internal project + practical

ICSE council released its methodology on the 2nd of July. Like it was demanded in the Bombay High High Court by petitioner Arvind Tabari, the Council decided to go ahead with the average marks of the best papers that students had already appeared for in the month of February and March and on the basis of Internal Project oblique Practical marks.

Factors used in the Computation

1. Average of Candidates’ best three papers marks in the board examination (A) – This component means the average of the best three percentage marks obtained among the papers for which the candidate had appeared before the 18th of March. It ensures that you are being marked on the basis of your own performance. How you did in the papers that were conducted before is going to determine how much you will get in the remaining papers.

2. Subject Internal Assessment – Internal Assessment marks which the candidate scored in those papers for which they have already appeared including Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, etc.

3. Percentage of Subject Internal Assessment – The percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in the internal assessment of the paper which has not yet completed. This has been taken as a percentage as part of the formula.

Analysis has been done from 2015 onward

According to the ICSE note, the formula has been arrived by analyzing previous board examinations data from 2015 onward and various statistics have worked on formulae. ICSE council says that many statisticians have worked on devising this formula and therefore the internals became very important components that will help in increasing the score.
* For the students who have appeared well in three of the initial six to seven papers the marks will really shoot up. Eg – If your marks for the best three Board papers are 75 out of 80. After applying the formula the marks will ends up with 75 marks plus assuming 19 marks in the internal exams. The average will end up with 94 %.
* Even if a student didn’t perform very well in the examination marks will be slightly more of the pending papers. Like if you have got 60 marks in the three papers in exams and assuming 17 in internal then the average will end up with 60 plus 17 equals 77 but after applying the formula you will end up scoring 79.
* Likewise if you have performed like scoring 40 and have got 15 in the examination after applying the formula the Marks will end up like 60%.


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