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2 free online courses by IIT Kanpur

Free Courses by IIT Kanpur, Global Youth Voice, gyv

IIT Kanpur is offering 2 new free online courses on data science. These are Essentials of Data Science with R Software -1. Probability and Statistical Inference and 2. Sampling Theory and Linear Regression.

Free Courses by IIT Kanpur, Global Youth Voice, gyv
IIT Kanpur Offers Two Free Online Courses

Things to know – Free online courses by IIT Kanpur

  • IIT Kanpur offers this course which is a two-part course.
  • These courses are absolutely free of charge.
  • Dr Shalabh conducts the course. He is a professor of Statistics at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
  • His research areas of interest are linear models, regression analysis and econometrics. The professor has conducted many workshops on statistics for teachers, researchers and practitioners.
  • IIT Kanpur offers both courses which will be for a duration of 12 weeks.
  • This course will be open to candidates in undergraduation and postgraduation.
  • Those candidates who wish to take the examination and receive a certificate will have to pay Rs 1000.
  • However, only e certificate will be dispatched and no hard copy will be sent out.

Part – 1

  • Candidates will get to learn the modules given below –
  • Introduction to data science,
  • Basic calculation with R Software and probability theory
  • Probability theory and random variables
  • Random variables and discrete probability distributions
  • Continuous probability distributions
  • Sampling distributions and functions of random variables
  • Coverage of random variables
  • Central limit theorems and the law of large numbers
  • Statistical inference and point estimation
  • Methods of point estimation of parameters
  • Point and confidence interval estimation
  • Confidence interval estimation and test of hypothesis
  • Test of hypothesis
  • Test of hypothesis for attributes and other tests

Part 2

Candidates will get to learn the modules given below –

  • Introduction to data science and calculations with R software
  • Basic fundamentals of sampling
  • Simple random sampling
  • Simple random sampling with R
  • Stratified random sampling
  • Stratified random sampling with R
  • Bootstrap methodology with R
  • Introduction to linear models and regression and simple linear regression analysis
  • Simple linear regression analysis with R
  • Multiple linear regression analysis
  • Multiple linear regression analysis with R
  • Variable selection using LASSO regression

The commencement date of courses is January 18, 2021. The end date is April 9, 2021.
For the candidate who wants to appear for the examination, the exam date is April 24, 2021.
And the end of enrollment is on 25 January 2021.

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