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French teacher murdered for mocking Islam


In current news that is being unfolded, the French teacher murdered is the subject of concern in France. His murderer has contacts with an Islamic extremist.  French history teacher Samuel Paty showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class. The killer allegedly has contacts with a Russian-speaking jihadist in Syria.

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Samuel Paty: French teacher murdered for showing cartoons of Mohamed Prophet

Seven people charged in the case of French teacher murdered

The police have charged 7 people with being complicit in a “terrorist murder.” This comes after 18-year-old Chechen Abdullakh Anzorov beheaded Paty on the outskirts of Paris on Friday, 16 October. The murder charge includes two teenagers who helped him identify the teacher.

President Macron pays homage to the French teacher

France paid homage to Paty on Wednesday. President Emmanuel Macron stated that the history and geography teacher had been killed by “cowards.” The sole reason for the murder was representing the secular, democratic values of the French Republic, claimed Macron. “Islamists want to take our future,” Macron said. “They will never have it.”

Contact located in Syria

Le Parisien newspaper reported on Thursday that Anzorov’s suspected contact had been located in Syria. An IP address traced back to Idlib. Idlib is a jihadist holdout in northwestern Syria.

An Islamist radical helped stir up hatred against Paty

On Wednesday, the prosecutors charged the teenagers who pointed out Paty to his killer. In return the killer paid them 300-350 euros. One of Paty’s students’ parent started the social media campaign against the teacher. According to reports his daughter was not even in class when Paty showed the cartoons. The prosecutors charged him as well. They also charged a known Islamist radical who helped the father stir up outrage against Paty. The other three facing prosecutions are friends of Anzorov. One of them allegedly drove him to the scene of the crime while another accompanied him to purchase a weapon.

Many such incidents have taken place in France

Paty became the target of an online hate campaign for mocking Islam. The same cartoons started an assault by Islamist gunmen. They attacked the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. Police have carried out dozens of raids since the crime. Moreover the government has ordered the six-month closure of a mosque outside Paris. It has even dissolved the Sheikh Yassin Collective, a group they said supported Hamas. The French government has also ordered the dissolution of more than 50 other organisations. It alleges these of having links to radical Islam.

Outrage over the murder

The killing has triggered an outpouring of emotion in France. Thousands are taking part in rallies countrywide in defence of free speech and the right to mock religion. “We will not give up cartoons,” Macron vowed at Wednesday’s ceremony at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Furthermore, the UNICEF director-general Audrey Azoulay on Thursday said that “a teacher has been murdered for his teachings.”


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