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Quiz: How much you know about Harry Potter

Fun Quiz- Harry Potter

Welcome to your FUN- Harry Potter Quiz

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Which house was Draco Malfoy in?
Who is the writer of this novel?
Who played the role of Ronald Weasley in the series?
What is the language of snakes called?
What was Harry's owl's name?
What was Lord Voldemort's muggle born name?
Who are Harry Potter's best friends?
How many hocruxes were there?
What magical herb did Harry use in the 2nd round of the Triwizard tournament to breathe underwater
Which of the following professors had a mechanical eye?
Who was Harry's Godfather?
What was the game played by the witches and Wizards?
Which of the following professors was a werewolf?
Which spell is used to set away Dementors?
What was the blood status of Hermionie Granger?
Who was the real Half- blood Prince?
What was Ron's sister's name?
What was professor Lupin's wife's name?
Who of the following was killed by Voldemort?
What is the spell used to kill people?

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