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How the Media Made a Joke of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has stirred debates around mental health, suicide, nepotism, and exclusionary politics in India. Rajput’s body was found hanging in his Bandra residence on June 14, Sunday. Some sections of the media seemingly saw the tragic incident as yet another opportunity to top TRP charts and get viewership. As soon as the news traveled, social media and news channels couldn’t contain their enthusiasm from sharing the news. So much so that within hours disturbing last images of Sushant were on all media platforms and almost everyone’s phones. From the color of the cloth Sushant’s body was discovered hanging with to harassing celebrities and Sushant’s family and relatives, nobody was spared.

Social and media handles left no room for those grieving

Various news channels chased everyone associated with the late actor to get one statement or a word on the ‘loss’ they suffered. Journalists amassed outside Sushant’s home in Patna, reporters zoomed on his father’s face asking him ‘how does the news of losing his son made him feel’. After realizing that the father was too overwhelmed to answer, reporters nudged Sushant’s sister in an attempt to get a satisfactory answer. News headlines covering the report of Sushant’s death read, “Filmo ka Dhoni asal zindagi mein out kaise”, “Sushant zindagi ki pitch par hit-wicket kaise ho gaye”, “Patna le Sushant Mumbai mein fail kyun”. Most of these media platforms went on speculating the reason behind Sushant’s death.

Headlines flashed as breaking news combined with insensitive language.

This insensitivity was soon called out by various television artists and people. Many described it as Indian journalism’s new low. Some reported how news channels and media made a joke of Sushant’s death. It was also pointed out that it isn’t just the media but viewers too who are responsible for this insensitivity. In the meantime, social media users made and shared unrelated stories and videos of Sushant.

Social media trials

From digging up Sushant’s past relations to the present, every possible theory for Sushant’s death has surfaced on media channels and platforms. Some tried to give this an angle of a love affair gone wrong. Others were busy sharing a string fake tweets that trended on the internet after a leading new channel published a fake report on it. Later after fact check, the famous media handle deleted their report.

The initial reactions were all about mental illness and depression. Celebrities’ handles paid condolences and expressed their grief. Many claimed to have foreseen Sushant’s fate. Old friends from TV industry asserted that they could sense something was wrong with “their friend” from the last time they spoke. Many joined in writing about the hypocrisy of Bollywood and its dark face including Saif Ali Khan. The debate sooner faded as a newer reason for Sushant’s death was “discovered” by social media court of law and entertainment industry.

The next wave saw a major call-out on nepotism on social media platforms


Sooner, celebrities and TV stars started sharing their experiences of nepotism in India. Kangana Ranaut’s video bashing Nepotism in Bollywood that patronized mediocre performances over real talents. She pointed out how Sushant’s various comments that resurfaced on social media reflect he was excluded from the camps of Bollywood. Kangana further went on bashing Gully Boy while comparing Chhichhore to be the best movie of 2019. Earlier, Kangana had praised Ranveer Singh’s performance in Gully Boy as the Best Performance of the Year. Those who thought of this entire episode as the perfect opportunity to speak up include Raveena Tondon, Ranveer Shorey, Payal Rohtagi among others.
Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is now raging at the discrimination and monstrosity of nepotism. People were quick to convict Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt for the murder of their favorite star. From calling names, homophobic slurs to slut-shaming them; no stones were left unturned to get Sushant justice.


“Sushant was as simple as Quantum Physics.”

In the middle of this chaos, Kriti Sanon called out the world for fake empathy, harassment, breach of privacy and trolling following Sushant’s loss.

Sushant’s friend shared a moving note for everyone who ran their own propaganda in his name. Rohini Iyer’s tribute to her friend bashed speculators and shunned fictional stories woven around the late actor for their personal agendas. She pointed out that Sushant’s accomplishments aren’t restricted to Bollywood, they are “multifold”. Here is what she had to say, just in case you are still not satisfied with why Sushant is no more!



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