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Meet the IAS officers who made a difference

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Indian civil services are one of the most reputed in the country. Moreover, Indian bureaucracy is also known as the steel frame of the country. The job of a civil servant brings with itself a lot of perks, recognition and respect. In addition to that, civil servants get a chance to work for the people. Some IAS officers go beyond the line to make an impact in the society.

Here is a list of 10 inspiring IAS officers who made a difference in the lives of many –

IAS Officers, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Tukaram Mundhe: One of the inspiring IAS Officers

1. Tukaram Mundhe –

Tukaram Mundhe is an honest IAS officer who is fighting corruption and inefficiency. He is the District Collector of Solapur. He says, “We have gone through a lot of hardships. And maybe this is the reason that makes us more grounded as compared to others. When I see any injustices, it hurts me a lot. Some people may say that I am too arrogant and sensitive, but I am very firm about a lot of things. It has come to me because of my background and experience of life”.

One of the first things that Mundhe did after assuming charge was to raid an illegal bar on his 3rd or 4th day in service. Then, he was posted as theCthe Officer of Municipality of Barshi block in Solapur. In March 2017, the state legislative assembly was in session. Mundhe started demolition of unauthorized encroachment, after having given a month’s notice to the offender. During his Deglur stint, he took actions against the land and sand mafias. Along with the cleanliness work of Naf, Pili and Pohra rivers, He has taken an initiative in cleaning 227 nullahs in ten zones in the city.

2. Armstrong Pame –

Armstrong Pame has earned the sobriquet “Miracle man” who built Manipur’s people’s road. Pame, IAS officer belongs to Zeme speaking group of Zeliangrong community from Manipur. He hails from Tamenglong district of Manipur and is an awardee of India’s Most Eminent IAS Officer Award 2015. In 2012, Pame was moved by the plight of people who had to walk for hours because of the lack of non motorable road, after becoming the sub divisional magistrate of Tosem, which lies in his home district, Tamenglong in Manipur.


In July 2012, an outbreak of typhoid and malaria saw hundreds of afflicted villages dying because villagers could not make it to nearest hospital in town on time. Though the government refused funds citing lack of resources, Pame decide to build a 100 km road on his own to link Manipur with Nagaland and Assam. Jeremiah then turned to Facebook to increase funds that led to help pouring in from across the world. The 100 km road was successfully built with villages who worked as labourers in 2013.

3. Ashok Khemka

Ashok Khemka is a senior IAS officer of the 1991 batch. He has been transferred 45 times in the 23 years of his service. Whistleblower Ashok Khemka is famous for canceling an illegal, multi million rupee land deal during the congress regime between Sonia Gandhi’s son in law Robert Vadra and DLF.  He exposed irregularities related to the sale of wheat seeds in the state when posted at the Haryana Seeds Development Corporation (HSDC).

4. Smita Sabharwal –

Smita Sabharwal is the first woman IAS to be appointed at the Chief Minister Office. She strongly believes that everyone should do something for the society. Especially today’s youngsters should give civils a shot as they can do a lot through this service. Smita is best known for “Fund Your City” project during her tenure as Municipal Commissioner, Warangal. Under this project, Public Private Partnership created a large number of public utilities like traffic junctions, foot overbridges, bus stops and parks.  

5. Ritu Maheshwari –

Ritu Maheshwari, IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre is serving as the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad. Working at Kanpur Electricity Supply Company  Utt Ltd. In Uttar Pradesh, although 99 % of villagers are electrified but only 60 % of houses get electricity. She has taken measures to reduce the organization’s losses by digitising power to curtail electricity theft. In 2011, after taking charge as an official at KESCo she installed new meters across one third of the organization’s customer base. These devices are helpful in digitally recording the consumption of electricity. It can expose leaks in the distribution system in real time.

6. TV Anupama

 TV Anupama is a young IAS officer who is working as the Food Safety Commissioner in Kerala. In her stint as the Food Safety Commissioner, Anupama has conducted multiple raids across the state. These raids are on the illegal trading of adulterated food items and have also shut down multiple such trader networks. Along with this, many more raids were carried out. They revealed that the pesticide content in some fruits and vegetables was around 30 % more than the permissible limit. Anupama has seized and produced over 6,000 samples of adulterated food in front of the court. There are Around 750 cases have been filed against traders in the court.

7. Poma Tudu

Poma Tudu, a 2012 officer from Odisha is an inspiration for many. Realizing that the tribal villagers had to travel more than 90 km to reach the district headquarters and avail of government services. Poma was determined to visit the villages to help villagers in Odisha. She visits Naxal affected hostile zones to hear and counsel their grievances. Poma also works towards providing fast track connectivity and medical services to these villagers. She plans fast-track connectivity and medical services to the villages. She feels that she will go to them directly and hear them out if it is difficult for tribals to address their issues. Poma strongly believes in the welfare of humanity.

8. Prasanth Nair  –

Prasanth Nair is an IAS officer from the Kerala Cadre of 2006. He has been helping in various sectors like road safety and construction, water supply across Kozhikode. He has also received praise and critical acclaim for helping in eradicating poverty in Kozhikode, which saw poverty levels drop significantly.

One of his initiatives is Operation Sulaimani. This initiative aims to provide free food to eradicate hunger in Kozhikode. To help in the running of the initiative Prashant has partnered with the district administration and Kerala Hotel and Restaurants Association. Along with this, has even launched Tere Mere Beach Mein.  It aims to tackle the problem of waste management on the beaches of Kozhikode.  Prashant also launched ‘Yo Appooppa’, which helps in supporting the elderly in Kerala.

9. O P Choudhary

O P Choudhary, an IAS officer of the 2005 batch. He is a resident of Raigarh district in Chhattisgarh. He hails from the backward Agharia community. This community has a sizeable population in Raigarh district.

Choudhary came into the limelight when he was the collector of Dantewada. He established an education city for tribals in South Bastar and was later posted as commissioner of the municipal corporation of Raipur. And later became director of public relations. The post of Public relations holds immense importance for the government and chief minister.

10. Rajeev Gupta –

Since, 2016, Rajeev Gupta is an IAS officer from the 1979 batch. He has been working towards preventing the slaughter of cows. He asked the Government of India to provide cow shelters to prevent the senseless killing of cows.

In 2017, Rajeev opened a ‘Cow Sewa Aayog’ in Uttar Pradesh. He is the current Chairman of it. Through this initiative, he aims to rescue and protect cattle to prevent the illegal slaughter, and smuggling of cows. “Whenever there is the prevention of an illegal cow slaughter and smuggling, the number of animals in cow shelters raises. Therefore, we want better upkeep of cattle in these shelters and make them self-sustaining by selling their byproducts,” says Rajeev.

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