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Indians ahead of Chinese in getting Australian citizenship

Indians ahead of Chinese in getting Australian citizenship Global Youth Voice

For the third consecutive year, out of over 200,000 people who became Australian citizens in 2019-20, Indian migrants emerged on the top. Britishers and Chinese who were conferred Australian citizenship were at the second and third positions.

In 2019-20 38,209 Indians acquired Australian citizenship, the highest ever on record and among the top five nationalities, Indians were at 38,209 followed by 25,011 people from the United Kingdom, 14,764 from China, 12,833 from the Philippines, and 8,821 from Pakistan.

In the last financial year, over 204,817 people acquired Australian citizenship, a 60% increase from the previous financial year and the highest number on record, states an official release issued by Australian authorities.

While in the fiscal year, 2017-18 17,756 Indians had got Australian citizenship, topping the list for the first time. In 2018-19 28,470 Indians acquired Australian citizenship and in 2019-20 the figure rose to 38,209.

However, the annual ratio of Indians seeking Australian citizenship has shown a slight decline. This ratio was 22% in 2017-18 and 22.3 % in 2018-19, which has now declined to 18.6%.

Indians ahead of Chinese in getting Australian citizenship Global Youth Voice gyv
Certifice of being Australian

Citizenship: An Important Part Of Social Cohesive

Australia’s Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge, announced that a record number of people had pledged their allegiance to Australia in 2019-2020. He added that the image of Australia as a socially cohesive and multicultural nation is due to the citizenship of migrants.

Pledge Of Allegiance To Nation

“Becoming an Australian citizen means more than simply residing and working here – it’s a pledge of allegiance to our nation, our people, and our values. When a person becomes a citizen, they make a pledge to uphold Australia’s rights, liberties, legal guidelines, and democratic values. It represents a willingness to combine into our multicultural nation,” Tudge said.

Rights and responsibilities of citizens

Tudge congratulated all those who were granted citizenship and he also said that Australian citizenship brings with itself, several rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, It is a privilege to be an Australian Citizen, Tudge said

Testing and interviews have begun

The department of home affairs in Australia is conducting interviews and tests in line with Covid-19 health advice. The testing and interviews have begun in Perth and Sydney with a small number of appointments.

Top ten Nationalists and number of people conferred Australian citizenship in 2019- 20 are:

Countries of Nationality – Number of people
1. India – 38,209
2. United Kingdom – 25,011
3. China – 14,764.
4. Philippines – 12,838
5. Pakistan – 8,821
6. Vietnam – 6,804
7. Sri Lanka – 6,195
8. South Africa – 5,438
9. New Zealand – 5,367
10. Afghanistan – 5,102
11. Other – 76,268
12. Total – 204,817


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