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Instagram and Snapchat: Coming of a new Age of Social Networking

Instagram and Snapchat Global Youth Voice gyv

Both Instagram and Snapchat have changed the ways of social and virtual interactions. The coming of age social media applications transformed the meaning of social lives. Selfie to food blogging, now most netizens using these two networks know how to keep up with changing trends. Instagram takes the position as the second largest and most popular social networking website. With increasing affect and demand for digital marketing, both Instagram and Snapchat serve the purpose as a suitable platform. While both platforms serve their purpose, Instagram has a wider popularity and user base. But, Snapchat feel more personal to a user than Instagram’s public stage.

Instagram and Snapchat Global Youth Voice gyv
Instagram: A social media app


At present, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. It also boasts as many as 600 milion users worldwide. Of this figure, 60% log into their IG profiles every day. The platform also serves as a base for business and marketing, and generates revenue through 20 million businesses currently. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for $1 billion and is since integrated with facebook’s advertisement platform. The company has 121 million users in the United States of America alone, but remains more popular of a social networking site in countries like India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Launched in 2010 October, Instagram introduced ‘My Story’ feature after three years of Snapchat taking the step. Instagram is an ideal choice for people across all generations, from millennials, generation x boomers and others, hence reaching more demography. As a public platform, IG serves the purpose of looking for a person or celebrity and makes searching easier. Instagram headquarters operate from Menlo Park, California. It is the brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The ice breaker for the app was when it reached twenty five thousand users on the very first day of its launch.

Instagram and Snapchat Global Youth Voice gyv
Snapchat: A Social Media App


Founded by Evan Spielberg, the messaging app has around 300 million active users presently. Co-founders Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy were all students at the Stanford University along with Spiegel. Launched in July 2011, the application enables users to take photos, shoot videos and record audio messages, all in the form of snaps and send to a recipient. It also gives the option to add filters, texts and drawings to anyone accessing Snapchat. The most distinct factor of Sanpchat is that the snaps shared are originally only visible for a few seconds, before they disappear automatically. These short lived snaps are quite famous in Gen Z, as the application itself and thus are preferred as a more personal mode of communication. With over 397 million daily users worldwide, snapchat has over 109.5 million users in the USA. Sanpchat has its headquarters located in Los Angeles.


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