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Interesting games that won’t hurt you eyes

Interesting games that won't hurt you eyes Global Youth Voice

The good thing about love games is that one does not need a gaming console or a digital platform to play on. There is no connectivity problem, no electricity used. One just needs a couple of friends to play along. These games will never be addictive or harm our eyes. Let’s go on the merry-go-round for the games that are boon to our eyes.

Interesting games that won't hurt you eyes Global Youth Voice, gyv
Flames-The love testing game


A game that has lasted for decades, if not then centuries is the good old ‘Flames’ game. For those who have never played the game the rules are quite simple as one can act to make notes and know about their love in the classroom. One needs to simply write the two names one on the top of the other and then scratch the letters that are common to both till there are no matching letters left, and count the number of the letters left.

If 3 letters left then count 3 i.e. ‘a’ in the word ‘Flames’ which stands for affection. Flames stand for Friendship, love, affection, marriage, enemies, and siblings. Flames raise the players’ interest at what level the positive feelings stand. Just getting to acknowledge what one feels, that’s what games like ‘Flames’ are about. Well, I know everyone is on fire now to know the results.

Dots and Boxes

The hardest thing to form the array of dots across the page. To play dots, one needs a square of dots on the page. One needs to start with 6 times 6 and can challenge friends to go up to 30 times 30 or even more. Once the construction of the square done, players can take turns with different pens having colorful ink to make line segments. The game continues till the lines between the dots have drawn.


The smallest and cutest game of six dots hexagon. Two players take turns drawing line segments between each dot in their color pen. The aim of the game is to avoid drawing a triangle in its own color pen.

Paper telephone 

Three or more players start this game. At the top of the page, they all draw a picture and pass the paper to the next player. With this new piece of paper, each person writes a caption sentence below the picture then folds the top of the paper over for identifying the sentence. Passing the piece of paper further to the next player who will draw a picture to go along with the sentence. Each player again folds the paper, now so only the picture spotted and passed along. The game continues until there is no more room and every player can open up the paper to get amused.

Name, place, animal, thing

Yes, the game goes as the name. it needs a minimum of 2 players and a maximum can go as the number of friends one has. Each player gets a paper with different columns with heading name, place, animal, thing. One layer chooses an alphabet then everyone has to write a name, place, animal, thing using the letter. Everyone gets the chance to choose the alphabet and every time the same rule continues. Counting done at the end of a self-selected number of rounds and the winner is declared.


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