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Ace Interviews With These Body Language Tips

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During an interview, body language plays a very important role in making or breaking your career. The expression “actions speak louder than words” holds because the way you present yourself leaves a significant impact on your interviewer.
Interview Tips, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Interview Tips

Body Language Tips for Interview

Eye contact –

During the interview, you should have made eye contact with the other person. Making and maintaining eye contact is a must and it is one of the most vital aspects of your body language during the interview. It shows you are paying attention to your interviewer. Eye contact also suggests your engagement with the situation. However, it doesn’t mean you pointlessly keep starring at your interviewer but you may try to hold eye contact for a couple of seconds at a time.

Sit up straight –

Sitting up in your chair shows an automatic signal of confidence and reliability. It is recommended not to slouch forward or backward, you should have a very casual and not bothered attitude. During an interview, you should push down your shoulders and maintain a steady balance of your upper body while sitting. From the moment you arrive in the reception area, carry an upright straight posture.

Hand gestures –

Make use of your hands by way of subtle gestures. Hand movements such as touching fingertips, clasping palms, moving fingers as you speak are signs of honesty and openness. At a time, you can also try resting your hands in your lap. While speaking if you clench fists and wave hands it opines you are nervous and unpredictable. During the interview, biting your nails is a strict no as it will make you seem nervous and it may also seem distracting at the same time.

Avoiding touching your face –

Touching your face frequently or in the form of playing with your hair or rubbing nose is not considered as a good body language technique. Instead of rubbing your head or neck which makes the other person think of you being bored or not interested, you should keep yourself relaxed and face the interviewer. It will show your involvement in the interview.

Smile –

You should keep smiling so that there is positivity in and around the interview room. Smiling once at a time shows you are comfortable and confident with the flow of the interview. You should maintain a fairly balanced smile neither too timid to seem timid or too exaggerating to seem ridiculous.

Stay at one spot –

Try to keep yourself at one spot from your fingertip movement to your legs. If you keep forgetting it may be considered as you are getting bored. It may show that you are impatient with the interview process. Staying at a spot will help you have your posture straight and focus would be on the interviews and not elsewhere. It will also help you seem more focused on and interested in the session.

Mirror image –

Mirror image is one of the best job interview body language tips to do as the other person does. To quickly get in the good books of the interviewer, match with their positive body language. Moreover, do it so carefully that you are not too bold and it doesn’t show that you are trying to copy them. You should be respectful and should keep a professional personal attitude towards the interviewer. Show dignity towards the other person right from the initial handshake to the graceful goodbye to earn brownie points.


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