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Do you know about these 4 IT certification courses?

IT Certification Courses, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Tech industry is evolving at a rapid pace as it focuses on innovation, creation and growth. The advancement in technology has pushed developers to constantly learn new things. It has pushed them to update their skillset. The Covid – 19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for techies to opt for online certification courses and emerging technologies. Many large tech companies like Google, IBM, AWS offer training courses. You can join the training courses taught by tech companies on Coursera. Below are the top 4 popular certification courses by tech giants –

IT Certification Courses, Global Youth Voice, gyv
IT cerification Courses

1.Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate by Google : IT certification course


Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate is a free course on Coursera. This course teaches you how to write python scripts, use Git and GitHub for version control, manage IT resources at scale and analyze real-world IT problems. It is a beginner level course and comprises of a six-course certificate. This course offers in-demand skills which include python, Git and IT automation. It can help you advance your career.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate by IBM

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate by IBM is designed to help you in Data Science and Machine Learning. This course teaches you to learn Python, SQL, how to analyze and visualize data and build ML models. This course comprises of hands in skills using tools, libraries and languages. With this course, you will learn to import and clean data sets, analyze and visualize skills and build and evaluate ML models using Python. If you invest five hours a week, the course will take approx 10 months to complete.


3.Statistics with SAS : IT certification course


Statistics with SAS is an introductory course for SAS software users. This course is designed for those who perform statistical analysis using SAS and STAT software. The tool of the course focuses on tests, ANOVA and linear regression. Moreover, this course also consists of a brief introduction to logistics regression. This is a short course and you will need only 21 hours to complete this course.


4.AI for everyone by


AI for everyone by is a foundational level course. It comprises of a elementary level knowledge on Al, ML and data science. For all engineers and non-engineering graduates, this course is recommended. This course teaches about how to spot opportunities, apply AI to problems and how to build ML and data science projects.


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