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Women Making History: Jacinda Ardern Wins Re-elections

Jacinda Ardern, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Jacinda Ardern was re-elected as the New Zealand Prime Minister on Saturday. She announced on Sunday that she will be forming the government in the upcoming three weeks. However, Ardern made no comments on whether a coalition government is in making, or if she would rule alone. Addressing a news conference, Jacinda stated, “Whilst there will be another three weeks before we have that final result, my expectation is that we will work on the government formation within that frame”.

Jacinda Ardern, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Jacinda Ardern was re-elected as New Zealand Prime Minister

Historic Victory for Ardern

In about half a century, Ardern’s center left party has delivered its biggest victory under her leadership. The majoritarian win allows Ardern function as the first to achieve a single-party government since the country adopted a proportional voting system in the year 1996. Of 120 seats in total, the Labour party claimed 64 seats in New Zealand’s Unicameral Parliament. Jacinda Ardern has served as the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand since 2017. She has been in the government in a coalition with the Green Party and the nationalist New Zealand First Party. She further added, “I have said to the Greens that I would talk to them next week. I don’t want to draw any conclusion at this point.”

Leading by an Example: Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern has successfully set a precedent for women leaders around the world. She has efficaciously managed the country through the Pandemic with her “go hard, go early” approach. New Zealand has suffered a total of 25 deaths and about 1,500 infections due to the coronavirus. Her focus on the promotion of gender and women rights issues, multilateralism and social justice has earned her an international following and appraisal all around the world.

The country has not witnessed any covid cases recently, until one new case reported on Sunday. Health Officials stated that the infected person was recognized at an early stage and transmission risk was restricted. Arden’s historic victory is an affirmative approval of her progressive, democratic, effective and charismatic governance and management.


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