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Google worried about Joker malware

Joker Malware, Global Youth Voice, gyv

The ‘JOKER’ malware grabbed headlines after it infected a number of devices globally. Joker malware is also known as Bread .

Joker Malware, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Zscaler, a Californian cybersecurity firm identified the apps infected by Bread malware.


The joker malware steals money from users. It steals the users’ SMS messages, contact lists and device information along with money. It can even sign up users for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services without their consent.
Malware is short for ”malicious software “. It is a computer programs  designed to damage devices, steals data without the users consent . There are many types of malware – viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and more. Google is periodically removing the unwanted and immoral apps that are likely to harm your device from its popular Play Store . Mostly, the apps that belong to unidentified publishers are targeted. At this time Google has removed 34 unwanted apps that were infected by the joker malware.

Who discovered infected apps ?

Zscaler, a Californian cybersecurity firm identified the apps infected by joker malware. This Californian firm has previously released the lists of apps infected by the joker malware. Even after the release of the lists by California based firm these apps managed to sustain inside the Play Store. The reason why these apps still managed to sustain inside the Play Store is that the bread malware uses a technique called ‘Dropper’ that allows these apps inside them to bypass Google’s security scan. And in this way user also remain unaware of malware inside their device. And hence their personal details are at risk.

Here is the list of infected apps that Google booted :

 All Good PDF Scanner
 Mint Leaf Message – Your private Message
Unique Keyboard Fancy Fonts &Free Emoticons
Tangram App Lock
 Direct Messenger
 Private SMS
 One sentence Translator Multifunctional Translator
Style Photo Collage
 Desire translate
 Meticulous scanner
 Talent Photo Editor Blur focus
 Care Message
 Part Message
 Paper Doc Scanner
 Blue Scanner
 Hummingbird PDF Converter Photo to PDF
 All Good PDF Scanner
 Push Message- Texting & SMS
 Fingertip GameBox
 Separate Doc Scanner
 Safety AppLock
 Convenient Scanner 2

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