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‘The Trinetra Method’: Inspiring Journey of a Trans-Woman Doctor

Karnataka's first trans-woman surgeon, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is Karnataka’s first trans-woman surgeon. Born as Angad Gummaraju, 23-year-old Trinetra is grabbing headlines with her YouTube Channel ‘The Trinetra Method.’ She documents her journey of transformation on the channel which ultimately inspires many out there. Trinetra’s parents reside in Bangalore and she studies in Kasturba Medical college, Karnataka. In February this year, she underwent a Gender Confirmation Surgery(GCS).

Karnataka first trans-woman surgeon, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Dr. Trinetra Gummaraju: Karnataka’s first trans-woman surgeon

Transition from Angad to Trinetra Gummaraju

For 20 years, Trinetra lived her life as Angad Gummaraju. However, she always had an inner feeling that something about her body was ‘not right’. She continued suppressing this feeling for a long time but it kept coming back. The older she grew, she realized the feeling is natural and she is much attracted towards men. Trinetra even tried accepting herself as a gay man and experimented with androgyny but nothing helped. Finally, she came to terms with realizing that it is “gender dysphoria” and the only way to embrace it is, a transition.

Her struggles with Society

Talking about her earliest memories, Trinetra remembers being bullied, pushed around, beaten, being called names on a daily basis. She has lived her childhood in negativity. In fact, her parents took a long time to accept her real identity. However, now they are the most supportive ones and are standing firm with every decision of their child. Facing all the abuses and bullies, Trinetra had severe self-esteem issues which she overcame by studying hard. Recently, in an interview to Humans of Bombay she said, “I channelized all my energy towards my studies. That was the one thing no one could take away from me. Over time I realized I wanted to use my knowledge in the Operating room. I wanted to be a Doctor and that’s how I finally found my path.”

“The Gaay(cow) has more rights than a Gay person” : Trinetra

Trinetra has faced a lot in this conservative as well as judgemental society. She terms it as a cruel society to people who are different even slightly. Trinetra says, “The Gaay(cow) has more rights than a Gay person, so you can imagine. Centuries of patriarchy has embedded a sense of entitlement in our society which leads to harassment and assaults.” There were and there are things that pull Trinetra down, but she always believes in getting better and better. She never left chasing her passion, she sings, plays guitar, works for college clubs and lives life true to her artistic self. Her Instagram posts and captions are worth reading and inspiring.

Trinetra is helping millions of people understand the gravity of sexuality, queerphobia, feminism, mental health and bullying. We salute the braveheart for fiercely voicing her opinions and bringing a transition in society only for good.


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