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Keep this in mind while choosing password

Choosing Password Global Youth Voice gyv

Choosing a password is one of those things that every website wants us to do. Starting from online classes to shopping for our t-shirt, from reading articles to watching movies on OTT platforms, it is asked everywhere. But still, an e-mail password is the one where we actually think while choosing a password.

However, all digital services like e-commerce apps, and even mobile web use, are secured under one roof top that is Gmail. There are many new concepts like biometric but still mail-id stands tall over everything we believe in. This makes us remember so many passwords at a time which is of course difficult.

Choosing Password Global Youth Voice gyv
Be careful while choosing a password

Here are some common mistakes that one should never make while choosing a password.

Same password for all services

Never keep the same password for every platform. If we do so, then we will be making the work of hackers easy. We should avoid old passwords while we are setting up a new account. The reason being that hackers can easily manage a list of expired passwords from the Dark Net through any database leak.

Storing the password in the available online service

The one must not do lists after adding a password is to save it as a simple text document or anywhere online. Avoiding saving and allowing chrome or any browser to remember password. This can make your password vulnerable while visiting a miscellaneous website. There can be malware in the device you are using.

The two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication adds a layer of extra security. This extra security helps to add problems for hackers to hack. One thing that we must keep in mind is not using special dates like birthday, anniversaries as passwords. This is the easiest thing to guess. Even name is one of the easily guessed passwords as it is the most common mistake one commits.

Phone number as password

One of the usual password mistakes is using a phone number. When a random person can get your number to disturb you, then how could it be difficult for a hacker to do so. Even not changing passwords occasionally can make your password weak and vulnerable. The occasional change of password is the most important as accounted in mail policy.

Using Aadhar or document number as a password

Never try to make this mistake. These government serial numbers are publicly available and using such numbers can never be a good idea.These are small pieces of information to make your online life safe and secure. However, there are many cells in India that work to make our life easy. But as we all know “Prevention is better than cure”.

Be safe. Be your guard. Keep upgrading.


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