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10th-grader’s English Surprises Shashi Tharoor

Kerala Girl Surprised Shashi Tharoor, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor is very well recognized for his vocabulary. Tharoor’s long length and barely heard words’ usage over Social Media leave us baffled. Netizens need to refer to a dictionary to understand his English every single time. However, this time a class 10 Kerala girl surprised Shashi Tharoor by pronouncing a word that he had never heard before. Diya Kumari from Idukki was a guest on a program of FM Channel, Club FM. She was in a conversation with RJ Rafi where Mr. Shashi Tharoor made a surprise entry. Further, the power was cut in between the show and as it came back, Congress MP was present in front of her.

Kerala Girl Surprised Shashi Tharoor, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Kerala Girl Surprised Shashi Tharoor on a Radio Programme

Connection of Diya and Facebook message:

Actually Diya had messaged Mr. Tharoor on Facebook requesting him to pronounce a really long English word which he had never heard of before. Upon meeting Diya, he confessed his inability to pronounce the word and accepted his failure. However, Diya spelled it in a single breath without stopping even a bit. Tharoor asked her the meaning of the word to which she replied, “…it is a type of imaginary food.”

Startled and impressed both at the same time, Congress MP said, “It is not easy to remember and repeat this word. She is blessed with a great memory and amazing concentration.” Congratulating her, he suggested Diya to learn more such long words.

Tharoor is known for his unique English vocabulary:

Shashi Tharoor has always proved to be that English Professor we always needed. Words like farrago, puerile, lacunae, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia make him stand out of the crowd since he uses them as a cake walk. In his new book “Tharoorosaurus”, the Congress MP has shared 53 instances from his vocabulary- unusual words from each letter of the alphabet. His unique style of including words to reflect the contemporary world however makes sense. For instance, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Quarantine’, ‘Impeachment’ .

Apart from being a famous politician, Mr. Tharoor is a distinguished writer too. He has written several bestselling works of fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of hundreds of columns and articles of esteemed publications like TIME, The New York Times and many more which subsequently have awarded him with a number of honours.

Shashi Tharoor and Social Media:

Shashi Tharoor is no less than a Social Media Star. His tweets and frequent posts are something netizens wait for. His vocabulary and unique words trend on Twitter. Few days back, famous writer Chetan Bhagat received praises from Shashi Tharoor on Twitter. He then asked the MP to use “some big words” for him to which Tharoor’s positive response amused Twitteratis.

Likewise, he took Twitter yesterday to appreciate Idukki’s Diya’s tongue twisting English word. He wrote, “Wonderful story of brilliant 10th-grader Diya, who has mastered tongue-twisting English words I’ve never heard of, and for whom I made a surprise appearance during a club fm show on her prowess”. A video of the show, posted by Club FM on Facebook, is widely being shared on social media.




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