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During online classes, kids can pick one exercise from here

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Any bodily movement produced by muscle that results in energy consumption is exercise. Exercise involves physical activity. Exercise should be planned, structured and repetitive to improve health and maintain fitness for kids. According to “God father of modern fitness” Jack Lalanne,


Kids, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Exercises for Kids

Benefits of exercise for kids

Many people know about the importance of exercise in life. But for most of the people mere knowledge about importance of exercise is not enough motivation to get into regular exercise. “There is no pill that comes close to what exercises can do” says Claude Bouchard, director of the human genomics laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana. “And if there was one, it would be extremely expensive”.

1. Exercise is good for brain

Exercise improves mental health. It produces changes in the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. Exercise improves your mood. It is linked to better memory  and quicker learning. According to some studies exercise is the best way to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, feeding the growth of new blood vessels and even new brain cells. It also helps people to focus.

2. Increases energy level

There is a direct and positive correlation between regular physical activity and increased, sustained level of energy. The amount of energy has direct relation with diet and the number of mitochondria produced by body. The more active you are , the more mitochondria your body produces.

3. Improves sleep quality

Exercise not only increases energy level in your body, it also improves your sleep quality. It helps to fall asleep quickly, get better quality sleep and deepen your sleep. This means you will feel more energized and refreshed in the morning.

4. Improves muscle strength

Staying active keeps muscles strong and joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, allowing you to move more easily. Strong muscles and ligaments reduce risk of joint and lower back pain by keeping joints in proper alignment.

Types of exercises 

There are basically  four types of exercises and it is important to get all four types of exercise. Each one has different benefits.
Four types of exercises:
Endurance(aerobic), Strength, Balance and Flexibility.

Rules to follow

1. Don’t exercise immediately after a meal .
2. Don’t eat immediately after your workout
3. Take rest for at least 15-20 minutes.

What time is good for exercise?

For some of us evening is the ideal time to exercise. According to some research studies on lung function, body rhythm, temperature and hormone levels, the best time to exercise is around 6 PM. According to Gad Asher, a researcher in the Weizmann Institute of Science’s department of biomolecular science “Human exercise performance is better in the evening compared to the morning, as athletes consume less oxygen, that is, they use less energy,  for the same intensity of exercise in the evening versus the morning.”

Exercises for kids

One can improve their test scores and behavior by doing physical activity daily . Research has shown that kids who do exercise before taking tests score higher. Also, regular activity breaks during the class time can help sharpen kids’ abilities to focus and stay on task.
Taking a break while studying and doing light exercises such as dancing, jumping, and running in place helps in  body movement and heart pumping. Some easy-to-do exercises work on flexibility, strength and cardio. And for these exercises there is no need of equipment. Hence students taking online classes can do these at home.
Start with a warm-up like jumping or jogging before performing these exercises.
Kids, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Workout for Kids

Sky reaches

Do this three times :
1. Stand up.
2. Swing arms up to the sky
3. Rise up on your tippy toes.
4. Reach for sky while keeping
your body tight.
5. Hold for 15 seconds.
6. Lower your heels and arms.


Do this ten times slowly :
1. Stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder-width apart.
2. Hold your arms out in front of your body.
3. Slowly bend your knees and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
4. Rise up slowly.

Shoulder blasts 

Do this 10 times :
1. Hold your arms straight out to the sides .
2. Make arm circles forward, start with small circle ,then gradually larger circles.
3. Do it in reverse direction and make arm circles backward (large circles, then gradually smaller circles.)
4. Raise your arms in front of your body and move your arms up and down.
5. Raise your arms above your head and wave them side to side, like a windshield wiper.
6. Pump your arms above head to raise the roof.

Hand walks 

Do this five times:
1. Bend forward at your waist.
2. Reach down and touch hands to floor.
3. Walk your hands out for a count of 8.
4. Walk your hands left for a count of 4.
5. Walk your hands back to the center for a count of 4.
6. Walk your hands right for a count of 4.
7. Walk your hands back to the center for a count of 4.
8. Walk your hand back for a count of 8.

Star jumps

Do this 10 times :
1. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor .
2. From this position, jump up reaching your hands and feet out like a star.
3. Land softly on your feet, dropping back to the squat position.

Mountain climbers 

 Do this 10 times :
1. On the floor, go to a plank position
2. Mimic a running motion by switching one foot at a time .

Sun salutation 

Do this yoga stretch 5 times:
1. Start with your feet together, hands at your side, and your head in a neutral position.
2. Raise your arms out to the side and overhead.
3. Bend forward at your waist and put your hands on the floor.
4. Step or jump your feet back to the plank position.
5. Do half of a push- up.
6. Drop your hips towards the floor, lift head and chest into a “up-dog” and hold for 5 seconds.
7. Lift your hips and drop your head and shoulders to a “down-dog” and hold for 5 seconds.
8. Step or jump your feet back towards your hands in a forward bend.
9. Rise slowly to a standing position.

Desk push ups

Do this 12 times :
1. Put your hands firmly on the edge.
2. Step your feet back so you are leaning into your desk.
3. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your body towards your desk keeping your back straight.
4. Push yourself away from desk.


 Do this 10 times :
1. Stand tall with your hands at your side.
2. Squat down to the floor .
3. Put your hands on the  floor.
4. Jump to the plank position.
5. Jump your feet back to the squat position.
6. Star jump back up.

Chair squats 

 Do this 10- 15 times :
1. Stand with your hip- width apart with a chair behind you.
2. Raise your arms and slowly squat down towards the seat of the chair . Keep your core contracted and knees behind toes .
3. As you  touch down in the chair , contract your glutes and lift yourself back to the standing position.

Exercise can bring a huge difference

Ajit Pandey, father of Rakshit Pandey says, “Exercise keeps the body and mind both healthy. My son exercises every day. Because of which he remains fresh and active throughout the day. The pain in the body starts while sitting in the same place during online classes which ends after doing exercise.”
Rama Dubey of class 10 writes that exercise improves learning on different  levels. It improves alertness,  attention, and motivation.  Exercise prepares and encourages nerve cells. It helps to build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Aditi Manki writes that exercise improves concentration and focus, regular running and exercising improves concentration. By improving these, students have a bigger chance of concentrating,  actively participating and retaining the information from the classes.


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