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Contempt Proceeding Granted Against Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra Controversy, Global Youth Voice, gyv

A fresh contempt proceeding has been granted consent against Stand-up Comedian Kunal Kamra on Friday. The Kunal Kamra controversy is gaining ground rapidly. The reason is Kamra’s new tweet directed at Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde. Attorney general K.K. Venugopal ordered to initiate the action and called it an insult not only to the CJI but to the Supreme Court as well. The consent letter was in reply to a complaint made by a Prayagraj advocate, Anuj Singh.

Kunal Kamra Controversy, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Kunal Kamra

Attorney General’s statement on Kunal Kamra controversy

Mr. Venugopal wrote, “ The tweet posted on November 18, is grossly vulgar and obnoxious, and I have no doubt that it would tend to lower the authority of the Supreme Court as well as undermine the confidence that the litigant public have in the institution of the Supreme Court itself.”

Further, he observed that people today believe their freedom of speech gives them a right to condemn the higher authority and its judges in an impudent manner. But what they forget is, freedom of speech is subject to the law of contempt. It is high time to filter such people’s mind and make them understand that no one can attack the Supreme Court unjustifiably. And still if they do, they will be liable for punishments under Contempt of Court act, he added.

The case

Few days ago, Kunal Kamra made some tweets criticizing the Supreme Court in one of which he was showing two fingers to the authority.  On the occasion of the release order of Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami on interim bail, the tweets were made . He altogether posted four tweets on Goswami. One of them was a picture of the Supreme Court building swathed in saffron colour with BJP flag flying on top of it. The picture was meant to refer Supreme Court is a court of the ruling party, BJP which works and exists for the party’s benefit.

However even after watching the consequences, Kamra refused to retract his tweets. He said, “No lawyers, no apology, no fine, no waste of space.”

Kunal Kamra’s controversial life

Right from the beginning of his career, Kamra and controversies are not ready to ditch each other. He is always in news for his bold statements and remarks that pokes fun at radical nationalism and jingoism. He gets regular abuse and death threats. His twitter mentions are filled with hate too. In January, a brutal trolling wave emerged when a video came on social media. While travelling from Mumbai to Lucknow in a flight, Kunal allegedly teased Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. After the incident, Indigo banned Kamra for 6 months followed by Air India till the next notice.

Apart from all the hate, Kunal has a loyal big following. His followers wait eagerly for his extraordinary political comedy and podcast “Shut Up Ya Kunal.”




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