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120 Yrs Jail: US Guru for sex cult

Lifestyle Guru Keith Raniere, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Self Help group Nxivm’s leader and founder, Keith Ranieri’s had testified last year that he had created a sex cult. Ranieri, also popularly know as Vanguard by his followers had created D.O.S, a discrete subsection of Nxivm. D.O.S, a clandestine sorority, functioned as a harem of sex slaves blackmailed forcefully into having sex with the self proclaimed enlightenment guru. Keith Raniere was charged with sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor, racketeering and conspiracy post his testimony. 5 other women who were indicted with similar charges as Raniere pleaded guilty to the court. Raniere is facing the charges pressed against him.

Lifestyle guru Keith Raniere, Global Youth voice, gyv
Keith Raniere

Lifestyle Guru Raniere, the Vanguard who branded and blackmailed women

Raniere co-founded Nxivm (Nex-e-um) in the 1990s as a self help organization. He claimed to help people find inner peace and enlightenment. Almost 16,000 followers took the Nxivm course that costed each of them thousands of dollars.
The cult membership reportedly includes Hollywood actresses, heiresses and even son of a former Mexican president. Some of these bigshots testified against Raniere in the court. Each year, Nxivm members gathered to celebrate the lifestyle guru’s birthday. The mega event celebrated as “Vanguard Week” was in fact a paid event. Nxivm functioned as a hierarchy with Raniere at the top. He controlled his female members through a slave and master system. On certain ceremonies, that were rather filmed women were branded in their pelvic regions.

Survivors’ Testimonies

One former member testified that she was “groomed” for weeks before she turned 18 so Raniere could take her virginity. Known as Daniela, she told the court that she and her sisters were impregnated by him. Then they forcibly had abortions. She and one of her sisters – who was underage – were forced to have sex with him a number of times.


First sex slave broke her silence Tuesday to talk to a Brooklyn judge. She said that she is still so traumatized by the “monster’’ that she can’t even speak his name.

“He screwed with my mind for so long,’’ said the emotional woman, Camila, during victim-impact statements before Raniere’s sentencing in federal court on charges including sex-trafficking and racketeering.

“It is difficult for me to utter his name, so I will only refer to him as he.” She said of the 60-year-old Svengali, who paraded around as a Gandhi-esque self-help guru. But in reality, horrifically abused scores of young women.

“I can still hear his voice in my head — it continues to be a daily struggle.’’

With Raniere staring at her the entire time, Camila said she is finally speaking up. This is in a bid to have the judge put him away. Mostly so he can’t hurt anyone else. Raniere faces 15 years to life behind bars.

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