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Do these things to make your brain smarter

make your brain smarter, Global Youth Voice gyv

The brain is the most important part of the body, it is involved in system functioning. We exercise regularly to take care of our other body parts, but we pay less attention to the brain. Along with a fit body we need to have a smart brain to tackle the daily challenges of life.

There are a lot of exercises available solely for training the brain and making it more efficient and creative. Along with proper diet which ensures proper nutrition is supplied to the parts of the brain, exercise help the muscles in the brain to grow stronger and the connection between brain cells improves.

make your brain smarter, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Tips to make your brain smarter

Here, are some of the exercises and tips which will help you keep your brain active and healthy.

1. Solve puzzles- Puzzles are some of the most attention-demanding tasks and use a lot of brainpower. Solving puzzles regularly helps to strengthen the connection inside the brain. It also helps in improving the cognitive abilities of the person. In a research published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience revealed that solving jigsaw puzzle increases the reasoning ability, mental rotation, speed, flexibility, working memory, and episodic memory.

2. Train your non-dominant hand- Our right part of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain and the left part of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain. As we grow up one side of the body becomes dominant and we perform most of the major tasks from it. So, using our non-dominant hand for small tasks will help improve the connection between brain cells resulting in improved creativity. Also, training our non-dominant hand will help integrate both hemispheres better.

3. Learn a new skill- Skills are important for a person to improve in their career and expand their learning. Learning a new skill strengthens the existing connection between your brain cells and similarly forms new connections. In research conducted by Denise C. Park, Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Linda Drew and 4 others from University of Texas revealed that learning new skills can improve memory function in older adults.
Similarly, teaching a skill to another person enhances the existing brain functions. As teaching requires explaining the concepts properly our brain needs to remember every little bit about that skill learned earlier, this in turn also helps to improve the memory.

make your brain smarter Global Youth Voice gyv

4. Increase the interaction with other people- Interacting with people helps build the cognitive reserve of the brain. Cognitive reserves are reservoirs of brain function which help brains to function properly when areas of the brain start to decline. Moreover, interaction helps to keep the stress low and reduces the effects of cortisol, a stress-causing hormone.

5. Practice counting- We all know counting and basic mathematics. An important point about counting is that it requires full attention. We can improve our focus and attention by practicing regular forward or backward counting. To make this exercise more challenging we can add subtraction or division by some number during backward counting and addition or multiplication during forward counting.

6. Increase Creative thinking- Story writing and Drawing are some of the common activities which require creative thinking of the brain. Engaging in these activities will improve the creative side of the brain which in turn will help in problem-solving abilities.


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