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Malaysian students head for Singapore on foot as universities reopen

Malaysian students head for Singapore on foot as as universities reopen Global Youth Voice gyv

As universities in Singapore announced that their semester will resume this month, students from Malaysia who study at universities in the neighboring country have begun preparations to walk across the 1 km causeway linking the two countries.

Malaysian students head for Singapore on foot as as universities reopen Global Youth Voice gyv
Malaysian students head for Singapore

The majority will continue with online class

A 20-year-old boy, Ivan Chong student of the National University of Singapore (NUS) will return to Singapore at the start of this semester. Talking to a local media, he said, “There are many students who are still attending online classes. They too have planned to join the campus after the border reopens.”

He added that the students who cross over to Singapore will have to remain in quarantine. “After the quarantine period of two weeks is over we can attend our classes,” Chong said.

While colleges will continue to conduct most of the classes online, some universities will also conduct some classes on the campus. In such cases, less than 50 students will be allowed in every class. Chong said that he is going to attend those classes she doesn’t want to miss assignments.

Incoming travelers will be quarantined

“The government has made quarantine compulsory. People coming from foreign countries will be put in a compulsory two-week quarantine. After this period is over, they need to be in-home quarantine for another period of 14 days. Only logistics trucks are being allowed to move across the international border”, said Chong.

He added, “We will have to walk across the causeway for 1 km along with our luggage. I came here earlier too and I had to return to Johar Baru after Singapore announced its circuit breaker policy in view of the pandemic.”

Confusion among the students

Eugene Chung, a 19-year-old boy, will also be starting his semester at NUS. Eugene said, “Though COVID 19 is still spreading, I have decided to move on and look forward to my upcoming college life. This will be my first semester at the university. I will have to move there on my own and carry my own luggage across the causeway. I am unsure when I will be able to return to Malaysia to visit my parents once I move to Singapore.”

Meanwhile, Justin Seow a 25-year-old student of Nanyang Technological University said, “Some of my classmates would also be returning this month”. I decided to stay back in Singapore and will go back to Johar Baru only when the border reopens completely. However, most of my classmates have decided to remain in Malaysia for the time being. My Malaysian friends will walk across the causeway to return to Singapore this month,” he said.

The hope of shuttle service for students

Seow hopes that Malaysia and Singapore governments will provide a shuttle service for students. Currently, students have to walk across the border on foot. Several people also have been seen walking across the causeway. This is going on after both countries have enforced travel restrictions.


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