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‘There’s A Positive Side To Lockdown As Well’

Manju Gargi Tender Heart School

Founder and Principal of Tender Heart School, Tupudana in Ranchi Manju Gargi has been a dedicated teacher and administrator for the last four decades. She finds a positive side to the lockdown when children are in the confines of home. She believes that the students were otherwise being spoon fed in most of the schools around the world.

“It was no different anywhere, when children followed a mundane routine of coming to school, and were spoon fed. they hardly got any chance to experiment.”

In an interview with GYV’s Swati Shikha, she spoke about the challenges of school and teachers. She says the challenges were overcome almost immediately. Gargi also agrees that some students are facing challenge due to unavailability of high speed internet and smart phones, yet the situation is not  disappointing.

“My children are participating in online competitions and taking deep interest in online classes. Our transition from classroom lecture to zoom sessions have been smooth and rewarding, both for students and teachers.”

Tender Heart School

Online Classes:

Gargi said that online classes are hampering education to an extent but school’s administration is trying to manage it. In the online classes too attendance is compulsory and recorded everyday. Apart from virtual classes being provided, the school administration is also taking care of extra curricular activities including Yoga and Games. Gargi said that students are studying even more during lockdown. Expressing happiness about the readiness of students to adapt to the new normal and an almost similar approach of teachers. She said that with time they all not just accepted the challenge but are enjoying now.


“Though classes are being convened remotely all our teachers are engaged even beyond the normal schedule. We have to pay them salary, still we are not putting pressure on guardians. Whatever decision is taken by the government will be acceptable to us as far as charging tuition fee is concerned,”

Gargi however expressed disappointment over the kind of insensitivity demonstrated by the coaching institutes.

“Even they are unable to hold classes but has anyone raised voice for fee waiver? Ultimately the students and guardians have to suffer if the enforcement agencies do not apply same regulation for all educational institutions,”

she quipped.


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