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MCQ based practice set ICSE Class 7 Geography

MCQ ICSE Class 7 Geography
This is a MCQ based practice set for Class 7 students of ICSE board Geography chapter 2- Atmosphere. The questions have been prepared keeping in mind the entire chapter–Atmosphere. Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions have been converted into MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 20 mins. Students can take the self test multiple times. They would be able to see the correct and incorrect answers after submitting the responses.

ICSE Class 7 Geography Ch-2 Atmosphere

1. Which of these is a greenhouse gas?
2. Global warming is caused due to greenhouse gases.
3. In atmosphere, the density of air _______________ with increasing altitude.
4. Thickness of ozone layer is measured in
5. Which of the these gases is found in the lower layers of atmosphere
6. Increase in deforestation is a way to control global warming.
7. The coldest layer of atmosphere
8. Very light gases like hydrogen and helium are found in this layer.
9. Which of the following gases in the atmosphere are rougly in the ratio of 4:1
10. Layer of air which envelops the earth
11. In which layer of atmosphere temperature decreases by 1 degree Celsius for every 165mt altitude.
12. We call it ozone hole when the thickness of the ozone layer comes below.
13. What is the lower part of thermosphere called?
14. All weather phenomena occurs in the_____________
15. Maximum ozone depletion occurs in the Antarctic region.
16. State which is correct about greenhouse effect.
17. Temperature can reach upto 4500 degree Celsius in this layer.
18. Meteors burn up after entering this layer of atmosphere
19. 1 Dobson Unit is equal to
20. Greenhouse gases is produced by which of the following activities?
21. A very long period of hot weather
22. Due to global warming, there is a fear of
23. Invisible rays which are part of solar radiation and can harm living organisms on earth.
24. Which of the following is arranged correctly in order of increasing composition in the atmosphere
25. The gas that absorbs ultraviolet rays of the sun.
26. When was Montreal Protocol signed and for what.
27. This layer reflects low frequency radio waves and is thus imporatnt for communication.
28. World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on
29. Which set of the gasses causes ozone depletion
30. The gases which absorb solar radiation to make the condition on earth liveable
31. Ozone depletion is negligible here
32. Range of different forms of plant and animal life in a region
33. Helium is found in the exosphere because it is a light gas
34. Upper limit of the atmosphere is estimated to be at the height of___________ Kms from mean sea level.
35. The average thickness of ozone layer is about
36. Weather phenomena occur in this layer of atmosphere.
37. Ozone is found is this layer of atmosphere
38. Which of the following order of atmospheric layers (in terms of increasing height) is correct.
39. Which of the following gases is responsible for the depletion of the Ozone layer?
40. The composition of air in the atmosphere is uniformState wheather True or False

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