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MCQ on Computer Hardware JAC Class 7

GYV- Computer Class 7- Hardware
This is a MCQ on Computer Hardware for Class 7 students of JAC board. The practice set is  from the chapter- Hardware. The questions have been prepared keeping in mind the entire chapter. Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions have been converted into MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 30 mins. Students can take the self test multiple times. They would be able to see the correct and incorrect answers after submitting the responses.

If you are not confident enough, revise the notes on Computer Hardware by clicking here 

JAC Class 7 Computer - Hardware

1. Full form of DVD is
2. BDs can store upto _______ GB of data.
3. Who invented QWERTY keyboard layout?
4. Hard disk uses ________ to store data.
5. The storage space of CD is about
6. Flash drive is also called
7. Joystick is the example of
8. The part of computer which is regarded as its 'Central Nervous System'.
9. Full form of SGD is
10. ROM is temporary or volatile.
11. Computer memory is of __________ types.
12. Internal memory is also called
13. Who invented flash drive?
14. Flash drive was invented in the year
15. Full form of RAM is.
16. Computer Mouse was invented by
17. The storage capacity of DVD varies from.
18. Control unit accesses the RAM randomly and not sequentially
19. SGD is the example of
20. Headphones are examples of

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