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MCQ on HTML for Class 8 Computer

Computer notes on HTML
This is a MCQ on HTML for Class 8 students of JAC board.
The practice set is  from the chapter- Notes on HTML. The questions have been prepared keeping in mind the entire chapter. Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions have been converted into MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 60 mins. Students can take the self test multiple times. They would be able to see the correct and incorrect answers after submitting the responses.

You may revise the notes on HTML before attempting MCQ by clicking here 

Class 8 -HTML

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1. Which tag gives title of web page?
2. A piece of code which acts as a label that a web browser interprets is
3. H6 is bigger than H1
4. TR (within the signs of smaller than & greater than)stands for
5. Behavior is the attribute of
6. ______ list is a collection of items that are not to be displayed in any special order or sequence
7. Where does BODY tag appear?
8. ______ specifies distance between the edge of cell and it's contents in pixels
9. ______ allows web users to navigate between websites by clicking on text and images.
10. Tag A (within the signs of smaller than & greater than) stands for
11. Heading ranges are
12. _____ displays a moving text message on a background.
13. Face is the attribute of
14. HTML has ____ types of elements.
15. DD (within the signs of smaller than & greater than) stands for
16. Which tag is used to mark the text as hypertext link, to link one page to another
17. _____ arrange data in rows and columns and provide an attractive way to represent information
18. Which LIST tag is used to display the list of items in a specific order
19. Which tag moves the proceeding text or image on the next line, without giving any space between two lines
20. BODY (within the signs of smaller than & greater than) is
21. Which tag encloses the document header but contains no text within itself?
22. Which attribute of tag stores the reference of the document that is to be linked
23. DT (within the signs of smaller than & greater than) is used for
24. Which tag informs the web browser that the pages are formatted in HTML
25. Which tag helps us to arrange information in an organised way to improve readability and better understanding.
26. DL--is a
27. BR (within the signs of smaller than & greater than) is
28. Which tag changes the appearance of text
29. TH 9within the signs of smaller than & greater than) stands for
30. LI- is a/an

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